Thursday, December 8, 2011

THE CALL (First Part)

He stroked his hands down my inner thighs.  Thinking he meant to stroke or finger me, I parted my legs slightly.  I was stunned when he leaned forward and began planting kisses on my pussy.  I have never had that done to me before!  None of my lovers had ever kissed my pussy and the sensations his mouth aroused in me are incredible!  My pussy juices were flowing.

He touched the tip of his tongue to my clit and flicked at it and I felt bolts of pure lust through me.  I moaned, loud and felt my body tremble.  He licked at my pussy, dipped the tip of his tongue inside me, at the top of my cunt.  I felt my knees quiver as I let out another load moan.

“Like that?”  He asked.

“Oh my god!  Yes.”  I said almost breathless.

He inserted two fingers inside my and fucked my pussy with it while he kissed and nipped at my clit.

“Oh my god!”  I couldn’t think straight.  That tongue.  Those fingers.  It’s driving me crazy!  I felt my juice flow over his fingers.

“I want you inside me.”  It was a plea.

I am not the person who is singing.  I am the silent one inside.  I am not the one who laughs at people’s jokes.  I just pacify their egos.”

Teka, was that my phone?

Naalimpungatan ako.  Shit!  It was all a dream but my nipples are as hard as pebbles and my pussy is so wet that my panties are soaked.  Parang totoo.

My phone was ringing.  I have Paula Cole’s “Me” as my ringing tone.  I reached out for my phone on my bedside table.  I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  I didn’t even bother to see who was calling because at the back of my mind I knew who it was.  I know it was him.


“Hello gorgeous!” said the deep voice on the other end of the line.  I smiled.  My heart skipped a beat, my nipples hardened a bit more, and my clit tingled with anticipation.  Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh!

“Hello handsome!”

Gorgeous and handsome – that’s how we call each other.

“Did I wake you?”  He asked me.

I laughed.  “What time is it na ba?”

“It’s 1 in the morning.  I figured you were sleeping.”

“You figured right and yet tumawag ka pa din.  You just got home?”

“Yeah.  I was out with friends.  I had a few drinks.  I’m not drunk-dialing you ha.  Just a bit tipsy.  You weren’t on YM so I decided to give you a call.  I’ve missed you.  We haven’t talked or chatted for days!”

He misses me!  Now that made my heart skip a few beats.

“Aha!  Now there’s the reason for the call.  You freely admit you miss me and I didn’t even force, coerce, bribe, or threaten you to say it.”

“Oh come on now, Babe.  You know I do miss you. ”

“Yeah right.”  But I wanted to say, “I know that but I like hearing you say it anyway.”

“Believe me babe.  In fact, there is this one part of me that misses you a lot!”

Arggh.. Typical male pero for some strange reason ‘kinilig’ ako.

“A hard part?”

He laughed.  “Yeah.”


He laughed even harder.  “Oh definitely!”

I laughed back.  “So it’s hard now?”

“Oh yeah it is.  I had to wank kahapon when I woke up.  I had this huge hard on.  I tried calling you, but I couldn’t reach you sa phone.  I missed hearing your sultry voice and your moans.”

“Awww!  Sorry baby.  I had to leave early for work.  I had an early meeting kasi.  I flicked my bean earlier before I went to bed.  I felt like I needed to de-stress.”

“Really.  Tell me about it.  Naked?”

“Yeah, I was naked.”

“Hmmmmn.   On the bed?  Were you lying down?”

“Yeah on my bed.  I was lying down.”

“Wow!  I wish I could’ve seen that, babe.  I would have been a sight to behold.  Did you cum?  How many?”

“Twice.  It helped me sleep.”

“Two times lang?  Bitin ka nun for sure.  I know you.”

“You know me too well.  Yeah, bitin…  Pero it was enough to get me to sleep.”

“How about it babe?  You want to play?”

“If there’s a hot, hard man available, I wouldn’t say no.”

“Well, here’s one hot, hard man just as you ordered.  Yours for the taking.”

“Just the way I like it.”  I licked my lips as I imagined him in my mind.  Oh if only he was near!  I would’ve wanted him beside me rather than hearing him over the phone.

“So…  What are you wearing right now?”

“Just my tank top and panties.”

“Sexy T-back?”

“You said it.  You know how I like wearing them.”

“Oh yes!  You like how it shows off your buns and how it rides up your butt crack and the sensation it creates on your butt crack every time you move.”

That made me smile.  Funny how he knows me too well!

“You make it sound as if I am some sort of a pervert!”

“My very own sex pervert!  I like how that sounds even better.”

“A pervert for a pervert?”

“Oh yeah.  Definitely.  Are you in the mood to play?”

“Hmmmn..  I am and even if I wasn’t I know you would get me in the mood.”

“I can.”

“Oh wipe that silly grin off your face.  I know you are grinning.”

“But it is true anyway.”  He laughed again.  I hear him clear his throat and then say, “Hey babe?  Have you ever wanked on all fours?”

“All fours?”

“Yes all fours.”

“I don’t think I have had the pleasure of doing that.”  And the thought of doing something that he suggested I do exited me more.

“So let’s try something different this time.”

“Hmmmmn…  Okay.  I am open to that one.”  This is going to be something else.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

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