Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HALF-LIFE (Back to Black Reverse) Part 3

“Maybe, I need to see the daylight
To leave behind this half-life
Don't you see I'm breaking down”

Two Months Later

Are things back to normal now?  I asked myself.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve been trying to keep busy and drowning myself with work.  It helps, but it had not been enough to totally forget Rem.


"I want your ass."  I heard myself say.  I blurted out what has been in my mind for days now.

“What?”  I noted the surprise in her voice.  God, I must’ve sounded like a pervert!

"I want..."  I started to say again.

"I heard you the first time.  Are you talking about ----" And I heard her stop before she continued saying, "Anal sex?"

"Yes.  Can we?"

"But I haven't tried that before..."

"I haven't either, but I have been wanting to do it with you.  Can we?"

And I knew she wouldn’t say no.  She couldn’t say no.  At least not to me.  I have a power over her.

"Okay."  I heard her say softly.

"Really?  We can try it?"  I was grinning.

"I said yes, didn't I?"

My grin widened.  "Good!  Now, roll over."

I saw her hesitate for a bit but then went and did what I asked and positioned herself – all fours with her naked ass in the air.  My cock hardened in anticipation.  I didn’t want her to change her mind and I didn’t give her a chance to argue.

I parted her butt cheeks and delved her asshole with my tongue.  She moaned.  The unexpected sensation that my tongue is creating must have felt good.  When it seemed to me that she was starting to relax and enjoy what my tongue was doing, I gradually introduced a finger inside her hole.  I felt her tense and she held her breath.

"Relax.  We'll go slowly.  I promise.  Di kita sasaktan."  I tried to soothe her nerves.  I used my other hand to circle her clit.  She let out another moan as I pressed a finger deeper in her as while I increased the pressure on her clit.  Every feeling seemed to have been intensified a hundredfold by the combination of both sensations because I felt her knees quiver and her moans increased.  She was gasping for air.

"Ready for more?"  I asked huskily.  I am so turned on right now.  She nodded, and I slowly entered a second finger inside her ass.  I felt her shudder.  "How does it feel, Rem?  Tell me."  I was breathless, as was she but I wanted to know how it feels for her.

"Fine."  She managed to choke out.   "Good."  She was panting now.

I moved behind her until my mouth was near her ear.  I noted how my voice was gruff when I told her, "I'm gonna fuck you the normal way for a bit while my fingers are in your ass so you can get used to it, okay?  Okay baby?"

She nodded her head.  I put on an unused rubber we had left and moved back into position behind her.

We both moaned when I slid my cock deep inside of her.  I set the rhythm and inserted two more fingers in her ass – now she has three inside.  I was cock-fucking her pussy, finger-fucking her asshole, and playing with her clit – all at the same time.  She was moaning like crazy.

"Oh baby, your pussy... is... so.... weeeett!"  The feel of her pussy walls tightening around my cock was just too much, too good.

"Joe, I'm going to come!"  She was gasping for air.

"Hold on sweetie.  I want to be in your ass when you come."

She nodded.  I moved faster than I could ever imagine.  Too soon, the pressure of my cockhead wet with her own pussy juice replaced my fingers.  In mere seconds, I was pressing it in slowly, firm but gentle, until I pushed past the tight muscles and slid in the rest of the way.  We were both holding our breaths the whole time.  Oh my god!!!  She was so tight!

"Oh my god! You feel amazing!"  I gasped.  I slipped inside her ass deeply and held perfectly still.  Then, he started to move slowly.

She was quiet.  I must be hurting her.  I have to make this good for her too.  I can’t stop now.  I can’t pull my cock out of her sweet, tight hole.

I thumbed her clit with light touches then pushed two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her.  I felt her brace herself as she was thrown immediately into throes of orgasm.  I heard her scream – her scream of ecstasy.  I gripped her hips hard as I thrust my cock into her and felt myself shudder and groan as I empty myself inside her ass.


“Sir, I need your signature?”

“What?”  It was as if I just came out of a trance.  Where am I?  Right…  At work.

“I need your signature.”  Mrs. Reyes, my long-time secretary, was just standing there in front of me.

“How long have you been standing there?”  I asked her as she handed me the piece of paper she wanted me to sign.

“Five minutes, maybe.  You seemed preoccupied with something, and it looked like you were in deep thought.”

I handed her the document and uttered apologies.  She smiled and then left.

“Lately, something here don't feel right
This is just a half-life
Is there really no escape?
No escape from time of any kind?”

“Yeah, Bry…”  I was walking along the fruits section of the supermarket with my pushcart.  “Yes.  Yes.  I have to pick up a few things.”  I grabbed a pack of limes and apples and pushed my cart again.  “It’s all good, Pare.  Yes.  See you in a bit.”  I had to put my phone back in my pocket and wasn’t looking where my cart’s headed.

WHAM!!  I hit another cart.

Annoyance was etched on my face and I was ready to give the other cart owner a piece of my mind when I saw and recognized her face.  Rem!  She was shocked as I was and just stared at me as if I were a ghost.

Before she made a move to run away, I acted as swiftly as I can and held her by the hand.

“Let go, Joe.”

“Rem, we need to talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about.  You chose your own way.  I chose mine.  That’s the end of it.”

“Rem, I needed to explain…”

“Oh there you are, Joe!  I’ve been looking all over for you.”  I turned and saw Meg walking towards us.

My hold on Rem slackened a bit.  I saw Rem’s face as she looked at Meg and me and her gaze darkened.  Perfect timing Meg!  Real perfect timing.

And before I could do anything, Rem left her cart and ran.  I went after her.  “Rem, wait!!”

And just like in the movies, when the guy goes after a girl he loves, the girl gets lost in the crowd.

“What was that about?”  I heard Meg ask.  She went after me and pushing my cart.

“Just someone I know.”  I answered.

“Was that…..”

“Yes.”  I didn’t let her finish.

I felt Meg touch my shoulder.  “I am sorry, Joe.  I shouldn’t have interrupted.”

“Not your fault Meg.  I think she would still run away.”

Meg squeezed my shoulder as if silently telling me things will be okay.

“Let’s go.  Your husband’s waiting.”  I took the cart away from her and headed for the counter.

Yes, Meg and Bry are now happily married.  It turned out my best friend had a thing for my ex-girlfriend, and they are great together.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


I had been standing outside the door for what felt like the longest time.  The coward in me wanted to turn back and just leave, but I finally had the courage turned the key and went in.

It was like I never left.  The apartment looked exactly the same.  I basked in the familiarity of it all.  Every nook and cranny reminded me of Him, of Me, of Us, and what used to be.  With no warning, the tears that I have been holding for what seemed like forever flowed freely as memories rushed in.


“I want to taste you!”  I heard him say.  He just got home from work.  He held me in an embrace, and I felt his lips on my left shoulder.

“I thought you were hungry.  The food’s almost done.”  I smiled as I tell him.  I love the feel of his arms around me.

“I am, but that can wait…  I crave for something else.”  I feel his breath on my neck.  He is in the mood.

“And what would that be?”  I asked him.

“Your pussy juice.”  I heard him reply.  To make his point clearer, his left hand traveled downwards and I felt him pinch my pussy.

“Oh that can be arranged!”  I laughed and took his hand intently leading him out of the kitchen.

“Where are we going?”

“Bedroom.  Didn’t you just say…”

“Yes.  Yes I did but we can do that here.”  He gave me that mischievous boyish grin of his.  The kind

“Here?  The kitchen?”  I looked at him questioningly.  He is kidding, right?

“Yes.  The table looks inviting.  You’d be delectable on it.”

The idea of me lying on the table and him feasting on me sent shivers down my spine and excitement down my clit.

He moved a few things out of the way and helped me up the table.  He helped me lie down and get comfortable.  I felt the hardness of the table against my back.  My butt was over the edge of the table with my feet dangling.  He settled between me and sat on his usual chair.

He parted my legs.  He fumbled with undoing the ribbons of the panties I was wearing and managed to get that out of the way too.  I saw him smile when he saw how wet I was.

“All for me.”  I heard him say.  “All mine.”  And I felt him flick his tongue on my clit.

“Ohhhhh!!”  What’s a girl to do but moan?

I felt a finger go inside me, teasing my pussy walls, penetrating me slowly while his tongue continued its flicking tease on my clit.

And one finger became two.  Deep it went.  I felt it go deep inside me.

“I want you wetter.  I want your juices overflowing when I put my mouth on you, slide my tongue inside you, and fuck you with my tongue.”

“Oh honey…  please…”  My breath became shallow.  I swear I could see spots lights dance in front of my eyes.  The anticipation of having his mouth really on me, to have his tongue deep inside me is killing me.  I was literally begging him.  Those teasing fingers – they are driving me crazy!

An eternity seemed to pass before I felt his mouth make contact.  He traced my pussy lips with just his lips.  I fisted my hands and dug my heels into the table and pushed my hips up.  Damn this guy!  Damn him for knowing exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

He ran his tongue against my pussy lips.  He went back to my clit and sucked it harder this time.

“Oh god,”  I groaned, raggedly breathing.  “God Jace, I am so-”

The sensations he is creating with my clit on his mouth is sending me near the edge.  So close to that explosive moment.

He lapped at my pussy and I creamed for him.  I trashed on the table and my back arched.  He ate me deeper, drove his tongue into my wet cunt until I screamed his name as I fell over the edge of orgasm.

I tried to push him away.  The sensation was just too much for me to handle but he wouldn’t have any of that.  I felt him bit down on my clit – not too hard but enough to keep me motionless and breathless.

He gave my cunt one last lick and then smiled as he stood straight up and looked down at me.  “Now let’s have dinner.”


Thursday, December 8, 2011

HALF-LIFE (Back to Black Reverse) Part 2

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here’s part 2 of Joe and Rem’s story told from Joe’s perspective.


“Before the truth goes back into hiding
I want to decide 'cause it's worth deciding
To work on finding something more than this fear”

Four months ago

I was running late.  Meg would be furious.  I had to double check if I had my keys in my pocket and double check if I locked the door.  I pressed the down button hoping that the elevator won’t make me wait that long.  I really don’t want to deal with a very impatient girlfriend.  I checked my phone – 10 new messages, all from Meg I’m sure.  Just as I was about to send her a quick reply, the elevator door opened.  She will have to wait a few minutes more.

I went inside the elevator and noted only one other passenger.  She smiled when she saw me – a big smile that almost knocked my breath out of me and I felt something down there harden.  What the fuck?!  One sweet smile and my cock hardened – what sort of voodoo is this?  I fought the urge of smiling right back at her.  I caught a faint scent of her perfume.  She smelled nice.  All woman.  My dick hardened a bit more, and I started to fidget in my place.  Thank god she wouldn’t be able to see my hard on!  Nakakahiya.  This is the first time in my life that I felt like I was claustrophobic, and I wanted to get out and get away from her.

When the elevator doors opened, I hurried myself out.  To hell with being a gentleman, I need fresh air.  I need to forget her perfume.  My phone vibrated.  I looked at the screen.  Meg is calling.  I need to get to Meg.


Who was she?  A new tenant perhaps.

It was the very first time that I have seen her in the building, and I have lived there for 6 months now.  I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way.  She was no plain Jane, but she was no stunner either and yet… there was something about her and I couldn’t quite put my finger to it.

“Joe, you’re not listening!”

That definitely woke me up from my reverie.

“Sorry, Meg.  I am a bit preoccupied.  Work stuff.”  I drank my coffee.  It had gone cold.

“Well, pay attention.  This is really important.  I talked to Daddy earlier today, and we have a dinner party to attend to this weekend.”  I heard Meg start to say.

I just nodded.  If it was about a party, I’d be hearing about it the whole week so it wouldn’t really matter if I listen to her now or not.

What is it about that girl?  I just can’t stop thinking about her?


“Hold the elevator!”  I shouted as the elevator doors were about to close.  Good thing someone from the inside heard me and the elevator doors glided open again.  I almost stopped short when I came in.  It’s her again!  I have been sharing rides with this woman for weeks now!  And each and every single time my reaction had been always the same – more like my dick’s reaction.  Just my luck!  I’d be getting a hard on that I wouldn’t be able to ignore.

She’s wearing that perfume again, and I felt my cock harden a bit more.  Now I’m one sick pervert – lusting over this girl.  I have for weeks now ever since that first elevator ride we shared weeks ago.

Suddenly, there was a harsh, metallic grinding noise from somewhere high above.  The elevator jerked sharply again and then dropped further and stopped short and sent her toppling forward into my arms.

“Ouch!  Sorry.” She apologized.

“It’s okay.”  I told her.  Damn her perfume!  I held her to help steady her.  I felt my cock twitch.

And then the lights went out.  Shit!  This can’t be happening.  I can’t be trapped inside this elevator with this girl!

“Fuck!”  I swore.  I had to let her go.  With her in my arms, she’d notice my hard on.  Nakakahiya!  “I can’t believe this is happening to us!”

“I’ve actually heard stuff like this happen.  But never to me.  Oh well, there is always a first for everything.”  I heard her say.  She actually sounded calm about it, and I felt like a wuss for panicking.

“Ano ba naman yan?  Do they even know there are people inside this fucking elevator?!!”  I reached into my pocket for my phone.  No signal.  “Fuck!”

The elevator moved for a few seconds and that made her lose her balance as she toppled against me, again.

“Are you okay?”  I asked her this time in what sounded like a worried tone.  I held her by the shoulders.

“Yes.  Sorry.”  She started to apologize.

“Well, it really looks like we’re screwed.”  I told her.  I should let her go, but I found myself pulling her closer.

“I’m sure they know we are trapped inside this thing and are doing their best to get us out.  Sana.”  She replied in what I thought was a breathless tone.

“What do you propose we do in the meantime?  It certainly looks like we’ll be stuck in here ng matagal pa.”  I wanted to kiss her.  If I do, will she slap me?  Or kiss me back?

“I -- ”  She started to say but I stopped her with a kiss.  I felt her soft lips.  Nagulat sya but she gave in and kissed me back.  We kissed for almost a minute or maybe longer, our tongues meeting in the dark.

She stopped kissing me and tried to push me back.  “What the hell was that for?”

I might as well be honest and tell the truth.  “Sorry.  Matagal ko nang gustong gawin yun eh.  Ever since I first saw you inside this elevator weeks ago.”

I couldn’t see her face dahil madilim, but I knew nagulat sya sa sinabi ko.  “It’s all right.  No one will ever know.  It’ll be our little secret.”  I told her as I caressed the side of her face.  I pulled her closer and let her feel the bulge of my crotch.  I feel like a pervert.  I don’t care anymore.  I want her.

I want her so bad.  I want to fuck this woman.  And I am hoping she will say yes.

“Okay then,” I heard her say before she kissed me back.  If my cock could talk, I swear it would’ve shouted hurrahs.

We both fumbled in the darkness.  Skirt.  Good.  My hands were suddenly on her butt as we kissed.  I bet she is so wet right now.  And I couldn’t help but find out so pinasok ko yung isa kong daliri sa loob ng palda nya, inside her panties, and inside her pussy.

Just as I suspected, she was so wet!  "Oh my, baby... Basang-basa ka na.."

She moaned softly and surprised me by grinding her pussy into my hand.  "Kanina pa.  You turn me on."

"Shit baby... Basang basa puke mo.  Finger fuck kita ha."  I told her and I probed two of my fingers inside her wetness.  In and out.  In and out.  A slow, steady pace.

"Ohhh..  Ang sarap naman ng fingers mo.  Oh god!  Don't stop."  Shit!  Ang ingay nya.  Just my kind of girl.

She surprised me when she reached down and cupped my cock.  “Ang tigas na!”  And I almost came with excitement.

She started rubbing my hardness.  I continued finger fucking her.  I can’t wait to taste her.  To have my tongue inside her pussy and taste that wetness.  I will have her.  I will fuck her.

She started fumbling with the zipper of my pants.  "You want my cock baby?  Matigas na titi ko.  It's all for you."  I whispered in her ear as I drove my two fingers inside her eager pussy yet again.  Ungol lang narinig ko na response.

When she finally had my cock in her hand, she kissed me.  Hard.  While she played with my cock head.  Oh shit!  If she doesn’t stop doing that right now, I’m going to make a mess.  Sa kamay nya!

I pulled her skirt up.  "You want my cock inside you, baby?"  I gave her a choice.  "Pili ka.  Do you want to cum with my fingers?  Or my cock?”

"Cock..." Ang sagot nya. "I want that cock."  Oh god!  Just the answer I needed to hear.

In an instant, I took her panties off and grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around my waist.  I have to get inside her.  I need my cock to be inside her now.  I need to feel her pussy walls.  Without any warning, I pushed my cock right into her wet cunt.

I sighed.  She almost screamed.  With pleasure.  "Oh my god! Ang sarap ng titi mo."

Oh god!  The sensation of feeling her pussy walls contract around my cock was just too much.  Deeper into her my cock went.  Deeper and deeper.  Shit!  Ang sarap!

"Ang basa! Ang dulas! Ang sarap ng puke mo baby."  I couldn’t help but say.

We rammed into each other.  She met my every thrust, and each and every thrust I made into her wet pussy hit her G-spot resulting in an almost constant orgasm.  It was like none of us cared that we were fucking inside the elevator.  This sex frenzy is making us not care if the lights came back on or the elevator start working again.  All we cared about was each other.  This.

"Sige lang baby. Don't stop fucking me. Ang sarap ng titi mo!!!!"  She was nearly screaming.

"Yes baby.  Di kita titigilan.  Ang sarap mong kantutin."  I picked up the pace this time.  We were both grunting and moaning as our climaxes approach.

And then I made one final long thrust as we both reached a heart-shattering, mind-blowing full body orgasm.  Oh my god!

"Damn.  That was good."  I finally managed to say.  "I hope it was good for you."

"It was.  Better than good.  Probably the best I ever had."  I heard her sigh.  The best she ever had?  I felt my cock twitch again with that remark,

As if on cue, the elevator lights flashed back on, and the elevator suddenly lurched back into motion.  We disentangled ourselves.  I couldn’t face her.  I gave her a bit of privacy as she straightened her clothes up.  It should feel awkward, but I didn’t feel that at all.  I want her.  I still do, and I don’t want whatever this is between us to just start and end here.  I have made up my mind.

The elevator stopped at the 24th floor, and the elevator doors opened.  I started to step out then held the elevator door with one hand.  I turned to her, held out my other hand and said, “You coming?”

“It takes so much out of me to pretend
Tell me now, tell me how to make amends.”

“So let me get this straight….”  Bry started to say.  I just told him about Rem.  “You had an affair with another girl while you were with Meg?”

“I just told you, Bry.”

“But Meg’s perfect!  I find it hard to believe that you had an affair.”

“Buddy, don’t be so obtuse about it.  Meg is perfect but our relationship wasn’t.  You know why I went out with her in the first place – to secure the account with her father’s company.  It just so happened that we were well suited for each other, but there was no love there.  At least not a real one anyway.”

Bry went quiet.  He must’ve been digesting everything I have told him.

“So where is Rem now?”

“I honestly don’t know, Pare.  I tried looking for her.  I even asked if she left a forwarding address pero wala.  No one knows where she went.”

“But you love her right?  I mean, obviously, di ka magkakaganyan if you don’t love the girl.”

“I do and I have to make things right with her.”

“How are going to do that if you can’t find her?”

“I don’t know, but I have to do something.  I just need to find her.”


HALF-LIFE (Back to Black Reverse) Part 1

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It was a few months back that I wrote BACK TO BLACK -- the story of Joe and Rem. I have been meaning to write it in Joe's perspective. I got around to writing the first few parts and shelved it far longer than I wanted. Over the last couple of days, I have started writing again and decided to work around Joe's story line.

Oh, it's not that I am running out of stories to tell that I had to write a REVERSE of what I had already posted. There are always two sides of a story, right?


I'm awake in the afternoon
I fell asleep in the living room
And it's one of those moments
When everything is so clear

“I can’t wait any longer.” I heard her say.

We were both in my car and driving on the way to Mezza Residences where we both live. Different floors of course – same tower.

“Babe, it won’t hurt if we wait just a few minutes more --” I started to say, but she cut me off by unzipping my crotch and taking my cock out. Damn this girl! I actually felt my cock harden with her touch – harden and grow in anticipation.

“At least, let me give you a sneak preview of what’s to come? Ayaw mo?” She said as she smiled and gave me a flirty wink while she squeezed the head of my cock in her hand. I looked at her face and smiled. How can I say no to that?

“Alam mo namang I wouldn’t be able to resist that mouth of yours. It’s even happy to see you. Look.” I told her as I guided her head towards my cock – the tip of my cock glistening – precum forming. She gave my cockhead a lick tasting my precum, and I almost slid off my car seat. “Tease!” I laughed. “Are you sure you want to do this while I drive?” I asked her again. She answered by taking my cock in her mouth.

“Ohhhhh, shit. I love your mouth.” I couldn’t help but say. She was stroking my dick with her tongue. I wanted to stop the car right then and there and fuck that mouth of hers – get the full length of my hardness inside that mouth deep.

It’s a good thing my car’s heavily tinted. No one can see what she was doing inside the car. If they could see us right now, if they could see her right now, it would be one scandalous sight!

And when she took all 7 inches of me her mouth, the sensation was too much that I wanted to close my eyes and just forget about driving.

This girl is going to be the death of me!


“Pare! You need to wake up!” The voice sounded deep and real. The voice sounded familiar. I’m having the blow job of my life in my car while I drive, and I could hear my best friend’s voice! This can’t be right, right?

“Joe! Dude, you need to wake up.”

“What the…?” Napabalikwas ako ng bangon. I noted I was lying on the floor. I don’t even remember sleeping on the floor.

Was it all a dream? I could’ve sworn it felt real. Well I know it happened before. The memory of it still fresh in my mind like it only happened moments ago.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked him. I looked around. The curtains were drawn up, empty beer bottles on the floor, a box of leftover pizza on the sofa – my condo’s a big mess. My best friend was tidying up and picking up the beer bottles one by one.

“I should be asking you that question. Why are you sleeping on your living room floor?”

“I don’t remember.” I told him admittedly. “What time is it?”

“It’s 2 pm dude! I have been calling you up all morning. We had a client lunch meeting. You didn’t show up. I had to check if you were breathing.”

“Client meeting? But that won’t be until tomorrow, right?”

“Joe, that’s today! Do you even know what day it is?”

“God, it slipped my mind.” I started to get up but my knees failed me and I almost slipped back down on the floor. My best friend hurried to support me. “Thanks dude.” I had to sit on the sofa. My head hurts.

Bry sat beside me. “What’s up with you? You haven’t been yourself for 2 weeks now.”

I just kept quiet. Had it been really 2 weeks? I felt it was longer than that. I became more aware of my surroundings. It definitely looked like my pad hadn’t been cleaned for 2 weeks now.

“You are not the same person I knew, Joe. In the 20+ years that I have known you, I haven’t seen you like this. Two weeks ago, you weren’t like this! Two weeks ago, you were engaged to Meg! Two weeks ago, you looked happy! What happened?”

I haven’t told anyone about Rem, not even my best friend Bry. I guess now would be the good time to tell him.

Before the truth goes back into hiding
I want to decide 'cause it's worth deciding
To work on finding something more than this fear
It takes so much out of me to pretend
Tell me now, tell me how to make amends

Four months ago

I was running late. Meg would be furious. I had to double check if I had my keys in pocket and double check if I locked the door. I pressed the down button hoping that the elevator won’t make me wait that long. I really don’t want to deal with a very impatient girlfriend. I checked my phone – 10 new messages, all from Meg I’m sure. Just as I was about to send her a quick reply, the elevator door opened. Meg will have to wait a few minutes more.

I went inside the elevator and noted only one other passenger. She smiled when she saw me – a big smile that almost knocked my breath out of me and I felt something down there harden.

What the fuck?! One sweet smile and my cock hardened – what sort of voodoo is this?

I fought the urge of smiling right back at her. I caught a faint scent of her perfume. She smelled nice. All woman. My dick hardened a bit more, and I started to fidget in my place. Thank god she wouldn’t be able to see my hard on! Nakakahiya. This is the first time in my life that I felt like I was claustrophobic and I wanted to get out and get away from her.

When the elevator doors opened, I hurried myself out. To hell with being a gentleman, I need fresh air. I need to forget her perfume. My phone vibrated. I looked at the screen. Meg is calling. I need to get to Meg.


THE CALL (Next Part)

Author’s Note:  Here is the second part of THE CALL.  I hope you guys like it.


I hear him clear his throat and then say, “Hey babe?  Have you ever wanked on all fours?”

“All fours?”

“Yes all fours.”

“I don’t think I have had the pleasure of doing that.”  And the thought of doing something that he suggested I do excited me more.

“So let’s try something different this time.”

“Hmmmmn…  Okay.  I am open to that one.”  This is going to be something else.

“I wish I could see you do it though.”  He wasn’t asking, but somehow that sounded like a request.

“Not a chance, buster!”  I had to laugh.  He had seen me play on cam before though, but this time I won’t be giving him that much.  I’ll have to save it for later - much, much later – to make him want me more and to keep him interested.

“And here I thought I could make you say yes to anything.”  He knows it.  I know it.

“I have to draw a line somewhere.  I am not your cam whore, perve.”  I laughed.

“Your laugh’s sexy, gorgeous!  Why is it that hearing your laugh is making my cock harden all the more?”  He admitted.

Kinilig naman ako dun!  I blushed.  I had to blush.  Isn’t that a compliment?  “Hey!  Are we doing it or what?”

“We are.  We are.  My cock’s eager and waiting.”  Tumawa sya.

“And my pussy’s creaming.”  Sagot ko naman.

“We made a rhyme!”

“Indeed.  So all fours, right?  Wait…  I need to get naked.”  I was about to get out of bed to get rid of what I was wearing when he stopped me.

“No.  Don’t.  You’re dressed down just fine.  Much exciting to do you scantily clad than fully naked.”

“Okay… You’re the boss.”  I conceded.

“I’m imagining you right now... you’re on all fours… that wonderful ass up in the air… I would love to see that big ass of yours.  Get two pillows for your head to rest on and for support, gorgeous.  Your hands would be busy in a bit.”

Just hearing him talk like that, hearing his voice, makes me hornier and my pussy cream all the more.  I positioned two of my pillows on top of each other.  Suddenly, an idea struck me.

“Hey handsome, would you mind a bit of a detour first before we do the all-four thingie?”

“Hmmmn… What do you have in mind?”

“You are making me so horny with just talking to you.  I want to ride my pillows, imagining I am riding you.  I want to cum.”

“Oh that sounds exciting!  Shit ka.  Lalo mong pinatigas titi ko dun.  Are you all set now?  What I’d give to see you ride your pillows.”

“Teka, I need my earphones.”  I grabbed my earphones from my bedside table and connected them to my phone and put them on my ears.  I set the phone down on the bed.

“All set.  Hear me clearly?”  I asked him.

“Yes!  Loud and clear.”

I straddled my pillows positioning myself on top of them.  “I am straddling my pillows as we speak.  I wish I was straddling you instead, handsome.”

“I wish it was too.  But for now, we’ll make this work.  Just imagine it, gorgeous.  I’d be lying beneath you.  So hot and horny for you as you are for me.  My hands will be on your tits.  Teasing your hard nipples.  They are hard now, right?”

“Hmmmn.. Oh yeah!  Rock hard, handsome.  Want to suck them off for me?”

“I’ll bite them too.  I know how much you like me doing that.”

“Oh I do!  You know I do!”  I was pinching both of my nipples now, my hands under my tank top, rubbing my nipples between my thumb and my long finger on both sides – loving the sensation it creates.  I actually could feel my pussy dripping wet.  So wet.

“Oh you must be so wet right now, baby.  Basa na ba pussy mo?”

“Super.  Creaming.  Just the way you like it.  I want to fuck you.  I want that hard cock moving in out of me – fucking me fast… and hard… and deep… Will you fuck me senseless?  Ang sarap siguro ng titi mo if it’s inside me now.”

“So come on and ride me, gorgeous.  Feel my hard cock in you – stretching your pussy muscles.  Fully accommodating my cock in your tight pussy.”

“Oh yes!  I like the feel of having you inside me – the feel of that hard dick.  Oh shit baby!  Fuck me.”  I was slowly rubbing my pussy against the pillows now.  My clit’s tingling.  I moved and rubbed my clit over the pillow yet again and set tingles of pleasure.  That felt so good!  I moaned.

“Ride that pillow hard and fast, gorgeous!  I want you cumming for me.  I want you screaming my name when you cum.  Shit ka!  My cock’s so hard right now.  The head is swollen.  I wish you could see it.  I wish your mouth’s on it.  Ang sarap sigurong kantutin ang bibig mo while you hump your pillow.”

I’m humping my pillows hard and fast now.  I felt so fuckingly wanton.  I wanted to cum.  Hard and fast.  And cum again and cum again.

“Are you close?  It sounds like you are.  I love the way you moan, babe.  Come on and cum for me.  Fuck those pillows like crazy.”

“Yes…. I… am… so… close…”  I was nearly out of breath.  “So… close…”

I pinched my nipples hard.  It was like riding my way to the finish line.  And I am itching to get myself to the finish line.

I was moaning like crazy now and I couldn’t hear what he was saying over the phone.  I had one goal – and that’s to climax and I feel it’s just a few seconds away.

With my back arched, I rubbed my clit over my pillow one final time and twisted my hard nipples in my fingers as I screamed his name in ecstasy as my orgasm overtook me.

And I got my panties and pillows wet with my juices.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

THE CALL (First Part)

He stroked his hands down my inner thighs.  Thinking he meant to stroke or finger me, I parted my legs slightly.  I was stunned when he leaned forward and began planting kisses on my pussy.  I have never had that done to me before!  None of my lovers had ever kissed my pussy and the sensations his mouth aroused in me are incredible!  My pussy juices were flowing.

He touched the tip of his tongue to my clit and flicked at it and I felt bolts of pure lust through me.  I moaned, loud and felt my body tremble.  He licked at my pussy, dipped the tip of his tongue inside me, at the top of my cunt.  I felt my knees quiver as I let out another load moan.

“Like that?”  He asked.

“Oh my god!  Yes.”  I said almost breathless.

He inserted two fingers inside my and fucked my pussy with it while he kissed and nipped at my clit.

“Oh my god!”  I couldn’t think straight.  That tongue.  Those fingers.  It’s driving me crazy!  I felt my juice flow over his fingers.

“I want you inside me.”  It was a plea.

I am not the person who is singing.  I am the silent one inside.  I am not the one who laughs at people’s jokes.  I just pacify their egos.”

Teka, was that my phone?

Naalimpungatan ako.  Shit!  It was all a dream but my nipples are as hard as pebbles and my pussy is so wet that my panties are soaked.  Parang totoo.

My phone was ringing.  I have Paula Cole’s “Me” as my ringing tone.  I reached out for my phone on my bedside table.  I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  I didn’t even bother to see who was calling because at the back of my mind I knew who it was.  I know it was him.


“Hello gorgeous!” said the deep voice on the other end of the line.  I smiled.  My heart skipped a beat, my nipples hardened a bit more, and my clit tingled with anticipation.  Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh!

“Hello handsome!”

Gorgeous and handsome – that’s how we call each other.

“Did I wake you?”  He asked me.

I laughed.  “What time is it na ba?”

“It’s 1 in the morning.  I figured you were sleeping.”

“You figured right and yet tumawag ka pa din.  You just got home?”

“Yeah.  I was out with friends.  I had a few drinks.  I’m not drunk-dialing you ha.  Just a bit tipsy.  You weren’t on YM so I decided to give you a call.  I’ve missed you.  We haven’t talked or chatted for days!”

He misses me!  Now that made my heart skip a few beats.

“Aha!  Now there’s the reason for the call.  You freely admit you miss me and I didn’t even force, coerce, bribe, or threaten you to say it.”

“Oh come on now, Babe.  You know I do miss you. ”

“Yeah right.”  But I wanted to say, “I know that but I like hearing you say it anyway.”

“Believe me babe.  In fact, there is this one part of me that misses you a lot!”

Arggh.. Typical male pero for some strange reason ‘kinilig’ ako.

“A hard part?”

He laughed.  “Yeah.”


He laughed even harder.  “Oh definitely!”

I laughed back.  “So it’s hard now?”

“Oh yeah it is.  I had to wank kahapon when I woke up.  I had this huge hard on.  I tried calling you, but I couldn’t reach you sa phone.  I missed hearing your sultry voice and your moans.”

“Awww!  Sorry baby.  I had to leave early for work.  I had an early meeting kasi.  I flicked my bean earlier before I went to bed.  I felt like I needed to de-stress.”

“Really.  Tell me about it.  Naked?”

“Yeah, I was naked.”

“Hmmmmn.   On the bed?  Were you lying down?”

“Yeah on my bed.  I was lying down.”

“Wow!  I wish I could’ve seen that, babe.  I would have been a sight to behold.  Did you cum?  How many?”

“Twice.  It helped me sleep.”

“Two times lang?  Bitin ka nun for sure.  I know you.”

“You know me too well.  Yeah, bitin…  Pero it was enough to get me to sleep.”

“How about it babe?  You want to play?”

“If there’s a hot, hard man available, I wouldn’t say no.”

“Well, here’s one hot, hard man just as you ordered.  Yours for the taking.”

“Just the way I like it.”  I licked my lips as I imagined him in my mind.  Oh if only he was near!  I would’ve wanted him beside me rather than hearing him over the phone.

“So…  What are you wearing right now?”

“Just my tank top and panties.”

“Sexy T-back?”

“You said it.  You know how I like wearing them.”

“Oh yes!  You like how it shows off your buns and how it rides up your butt crack and the sensation it creates on your butt crack every time you move.”

That made me smile.  Funny how he knows me too well!

“You make it sound as if I am some sort of a pervert!”

“My very own sex pervert!  I like how that sounds even better.”

“A pervert for a pervert?”

“Oh yeah.  Definitely.  Are you in the mood to play?”

“Hmmmn..  I am and even if I wasn’t I know you would get me in the mood.”

“I can.”

“Oh wipe that silly grin off your face.  I know you are grinning.”

“But it is true anyway.”  He laughed again.  I hear him clear his throat and then say, “Hey babe?  Have you ever wanked on all fours?”

“All fours?”

“Yes all fours.”

“I don’t think I have had the pleasure of doing that.”  And the thought of doing something that he suggested I do exited me more.

“So let’s try something different this time.”

“Hmmmmn…  Okay.  I am open to that one.”  This is going to be something else.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----