Sunday, November 6, 2011


“What are you doing?” the question more breath that solid words.

“Shhh.”  He commanded as he lifted the hem of my dress, pushed it up past my thighs, to my waist.  “I could smell your juices flowing.”  And he gave me that killer grin of his.

I looked down on him with anticipation.  This man is going to be the death of me!

A warm tongue lapped up against my thigh.  I feel my legs shake.  The thought about that tongue finally lapping up my pussy juices makes me close to the edge.  I feel his hot breath blow on my lace-covered mound.

“Please,” I found myself begging not recognizing the voice.  Was that me?   His fingers slid into me, penetrating me.  I feel my tremors come.  I moved my hips up and down his finger.  Taking one inch, and then another.

“More,” I demanded with desire.  In less than a heartbeat, he managed to pull down my lace panties and began to suck my clit in earnest.

“Oh God!” I feel my knees start to buckle.  It was a good thing I had the wall for support.  His warm lips and tongue sucked and licked and rammed one long finger all the way in, sliding and pumping it in time for my ongoing explosions.  I realized I was grinding my pussy lips into his mouth as I came.

I awoke with a start and realized it was all but a dream.  Damn that felt real!  I was short of breath, sweating, and felt a different kind of heat down there.

“I don't like feeling this way.”  I said to myself as I got off the bed and headed to the shower taking off my tank top and boy leg shorts along the way.  I decided a cold shower would take care of this.

Stress has been weighing down on me but that's not really my problem right now.  My crotch is on fire.  I had been feeling horny for days now, and I had been ignoring it.  The perils of being single!

I turned the knob to "COLD" and stood fully naked inside my bathroom under the icy shower stream hoping it would make it go away.

It didn't.  I am still feeling horny.  My breasts needed to be touched and kneaded.  My nipples needed to be sucked.  My clit needed to be flicked.  My pussy needed to be fucked.

I need a quick fix.  I need it now.

I adjusted the shower knob to "WARM" and took a deep breath as my body adjusted to change of water temperature.  I poured somebody wash onto my right hand and lathered it up and then I let my right hand stray downwards, found my clit, and started prodding it with my fingers.

I ran my other hand to my left breast and pinched at the nipple as two of my fingers slipped inside my wet folds and I started finger-fucking myself.  Quick, shallow movements at first that gradually became deep ones.  Faster and faster my two fingers went in and out of me, and I pinched my nipple one last time as I felt I was about to come.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I came hard that I almost slipped on the slippery shower tile as I spasmed into orgasmic throes.

I leaned against the shower walls for a bit as my breathing normalized.

Damn!  I am still horny.  This calls for drastic measures, I concluded.

I turned the shower knob off and dried myself off as I got out of the shower.

I went back to bed as a smile played across my lips.  I closed my eyes and started to rub both of my breasts and fingers teasing the tips of my hard nipples.  I felt my clit tingle with anticipation, my pussy getting wet again.

I then began to gingerly move my hand downwards and slipped a finger inside my pussy and found myself slippery and wet.  I parted my legs as far as I can and began rubbing on my clit and sighed.  I can’t take any more teasing.  I reached out to my nightstand drawer and took out a rectangular box.

My BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) never lets me down.  I removed the lid.  My 7-inch black vibrator lay inside.  I took it out of the box, clicked on the button, and the toy buzzed to life.

I spread my legs apart again and touched the buzzing vibrator to my swollen clit and groaned with pleasure.  I let BOB’s vibrations massage my clit and my opening until I was sopping and dripping wet and then ever so slowly slid its entire length and thickness deep inside me.  I moaned as it filled me completely.  I began thrusting BOB in and out of me, rocking my hips in rhythmic tune with each thrust.

The head of BOB pressed firmly on my G-spot with every in and out thrusting movement.   My loud noises became intensely louder as I felt my climax just a few seconds away.  With my neck arched, I screamed and shook in ecstasy as my orgasm overtook me and I convulsed with intense pleasure and felt the warm fluid of my release.

As I lay shaking, sated, and spent, I took BOB out of me and reached for the blanket to cover my nakedness.  I smiled.  Now, I can sleep.