Saturday, May 26, 2012


There are numerous terms I can think of really. It had been called “dining at the Y,” “drinking from the furry cup” (and this is of course applicable if it’s hairy down there hence the word “fur”), “eating someone out,” “licking someone out,” “lip service” (though I must say that this one is most used in reference to blowjobs), “candy licking,” etc, etc. 

Now here’s what every guy should now about eating a girl out. 

Don’t get so worked up before sinking your tongue deep between her sweet slit. 

Do not be an impatient person. 

Going down on your girl is not about bathing her with your tongue. Use your tongue, lips, teeth, hands, fingers, arms, the vibrations from your voice, and anything else you can think of. Get creative. Most people consider eating pussy “foreplay,” but I think that there should be a ton of REAL foreplay leading up to it. 

Her mouth is a good place to start. 

Kiss her. It’s a pretty innocent concept. If she’s a big kisser, spend more time in this department. Trail kisses from her lips to her jaw, pressing your lips gently up along her jaw line. 

Rest your lips right under her ear, let it linger on that sensitive spot before tracing the outline of her earlobe with your tongue. After your tongue wets it a little, take it in your mouth. You’ll feel her shoulders blades press together while you suck on her earlobe. 

After that, make your way down to her neck kissing gently down the side of it. The feel of her hand gripping your hair gently or holding the nape of your neck while you massage her neck with your tongue is orgasmic. Part your lips and suck on the damp skin. Repeat this process from her neck to the sensitive area where her neck and shoulder meets (if your partner is into biting, bite this spot as hard as you can without hurting her), down to her collarbone and tits. 

Reach for her arms and slowly hold them over her head with your left hand, clamp them together while your mouth explores every inch of her bare tits. Plant soft kisses everywhere but on her nipples, let your bottom lip lightly graze over the tip of her firm nipple as you make your way around it. Inch closer and watch her shudder when you finally take it in your mouth. 

After kissing and licking small circles around her nipples, tease it gently between your teeth. You may grab her tit with your free hand and squeeze gently, just enough to bring her firm nipple closer to your lips. Suck on it and roll your tongue against it while it’s in your mouth. 

Move down to her stomach. Let go of her hands and grab her hips as your mouth inches down her skin. When you finally make your way between her legs, kissing her calves/inner thighs while occasionally parting your lips to suck on the skin. 

Wrap your arms around her thighs. Lean in and wet that area between her inner thigh and pussy with your tongue before sucking on it lightly. This will make her arch her back and spread her legs more. If she talks dirty in bed, she will start begging at this point. 

At this point, you can start tracing the outline of her pussy. Use the tip of your tongue and make her watch while your tongue slowly grazes around the edges and outline of her swollen clit and labia. 

You’ll hear her whimper under her breath or start trying to grind against your tongue. Don’t let her. Grab her inner thighs and pin her legs spread firmly against the bed, leaving her completely helpless. You’d be surprised at how wet it gets down there. 

When you think she’s frustrated enough or when she’s pretty much trying to fuck your face or shove your head between her legs, pause for a bit and let the cool air gently tease her wet skin. The frustrated look on her face and the eager movements of her body is a sight to behold. 

Spread her outer lips and watch it contract obediently because at this point she’s completely helpless and she’s willing to do pretty much anything for you to touch her. While holding her pussy spread and watching, run your fingers up and down her outer lips kind of just massaging them and encouraging her. 

When she’s moaning frustrations, lap her pussy up in one deep stride from the bottom up, burying your tongue deep between her exposed slit. 

Play with her labia. Run your tongue between them and rush her clit a little bit on your way up. Suck on her labia and tongue at them in your mouth. Tease them gently between your lips. After she’s completely worked up, suck her clit. Take her clit in your mouth and suck on it, starting slow and only sucking harder if her body language says she wants more. 

If she can handle that, push the hood of her clit up and completely expose her clit before sucking on it. Flick your tongue against it a little while you suck it, get creative. Circle her clit and the sides of her labia. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. 

This works best after the first or second orgasm: Tongue fucking. Slip your tongue as far in as you can and feel her slowly push it out with her tight muscles. You can feel her muscles contract around your tongue. 

Finger her while eating her out. This combination works wonders. As a matter of fact, some girls can only orgasm with this technique. While you’re tonguing her clit, slowly stroke the opening of her hole. Get your finger(s) nice and wet before easing them in. Make sure your palm is faced up because you’ll need to curl your fingers to find her g-spot. Rub her g-spot while your mouth works her clit. 

Casually asking about her day and then slowly proceeding to tease/eat her pussy nonchalantly while she’s confused/trying to think of words to tell you about her day. The look on her face and the stutter in her words as your tongue is probing between her legs = priceless. 

Pussy eating shouldn’t JUST come before sex. It should come after sex as well because nothing is more relaxing than the feeling of your soft tongue between her legs relieving her after you just fucked her pussy raw. 

Watch her breathe. 

The sound of her voice when a moan escapes her lips. 

The steady breathing that gradually turns into pants and pleading whimpers. 

Feel her try to regain control by arching her back and compensate by grinding desperately against your tongue. 

Her fingers in your hair and the occasional gasp for air because she forgot to breathe. 

The way she tries to scoot away from you and close her legs tight when her pussy’s sensitivity builds. 

The aggressive feeling you get when you pry her legs open and keep going anyway because your overwhelming hunger takes over. 

Her hands clawing helplessly at the sheets and blankets and trying to grasp on to something to keep it together as her clit throbs and her legs quiver. 

The way her hands find their way to your head, gripping and squeezing your hair and skull tight, encouraging you to keep going for just a few more seconds. 

Her eyes rolling back and for half a minute and then she’s completely gone. 

Lost in her own head. Her own moans, every muscle in her body tense. 

And then she collapses, her chest heaving while you lap up her juices. Every. Last. Drop. 

Now this is a foolproof method. Trust me on this, I’m a girl.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Author’s Note:  This is the second part of my Kept Woman series.

Tell me what you think about it, okay?  I’m doing a bit of experimenting on the storyline here.


He just came.  He looked at his semen on her breasts.  She was heaving underneath him.  He knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth, but he didn’t give in.

Later.  Much, much later she will have the pleasure.

He wiped the mess he made on her chest with a white towel.

He looked down on her and just stared.  He wondered what was going through her mind right now.

Beautiful – there is no other way to describe her.

And because he couldn’t resist himself and because he had been wanting to kiss her, he brought his mouth down to hers and kissed her.  Hard.

She kissed him back.  She sucked the moisture off his tongue.  Her nipples seemed like sharp points against his chest.  He groaned into her mouth, and the sound merged with her own moan of pleasure.  His cock moved in response to her moan.

It took everything he had in him to pull back from her mouth.  He wanted to devour the woman – to own her body and soul.  He had never reacted to any woman like he reacted to this one.  His cock liked her too much.

He focused his attention on her tits.  The brown tips were puckered up tight, and he drew his mouth to them.  He sucked at one breast and with his other hand he plumped and caressed the other one.

He couldn’t believe just how horny he was.

“You’re a witch,” he growled.  He was feeling as if she had put him under a deep, dark spell and she controlled his cock completely.  The witch!  She deserved to be burned!  Ah but he was burning... burning with his desire for her.

“More.  Give me more.”  She pleaded.

He wondered if he should undo the bindings on her hands, wondering what magic she would work with those fingers on his body.  He wondered how her hands would feel on his cock.

No, he would keep her wrists tied up.  For now.  He liked knowing that she was fragile and that she depended entirely on him and his whims – his sexual whims.

Even more so, he had a feeling that much of her arousal stemmed from the fact that she was a prisoner to him and that she was bound.

“Let me taste you, please.”

She was asking.  No, begging him.  She was offering her mouth.

His cock moved and throbbed obviously excited at the idea.  His precum was glistening on its head.

He gave in.

“Very well then.”

He guided his cock to her lips.  Her tongue flicked at his cockhead and she tasted his precum.  She moaned.  He shivered.

And her mouth opened to take in his fully engorged head.

“Oh God,” he groaned as she licked and sucked at him, taking his cock deep down her throat.

“Mmmmnn”  He filled her mouth.  He was so big.  He was so hard.  She wanted to suck him until he exploded in his mouth.

He started moving and pumped her mouth back and forth on his cock.  She was sucking him greedily.

Dear God!  Her mouth felt like a wet, tight pussy!  And she knew how to work on her tongue.  Who would’ve thought the little bitch is an expert cocksucker?

He was glad he picked her.

He reached out from behind him, and his fingers found her wet pussy ready between her legs.  He pushed his fingers in and out of her in the same rhythm that her mouth was sucking his cock.

His fingers found her clit and pinched at it.  That earned an excited almost-scream from her, and she nearly jumped off the bed.  It was a good thing that she was tied or she would’ve bucked him off of her.

Just a few more flicks and deep finger-fucks and he knew he could make her cum.  He wanted to cum in her mouth.  So badly but he decided differently.

“Whoa there, my little cocksucker.”  He moved his hips backward and withdrew his cock from her mouth.

He smiled and noted her look of surprise on her face with what he did.  She bobbed her head forward and he knew she was reaching for his cock with her mouth.

“You can suck my cock more later.”

“I…”  She was breathless.  “don’t… understand…”

“What don’t you understand?”

“Don’t you want to come in my mouth?”  She asked him.

“I have a better idea.”  He said.  He moved and changed positions and settled himself between her wide-spread legs.

He leaned forward and studied her face.

God, she is really beautiful!

“This.”  He growled.  “I want this.”  He said as he captured her mouth in an aggressive kiss.  He knew he was hurting her, but she kissed him back with the same intensity.  He ripped off her blindfold as he mounted her.  He was desperate to see her pupils dilate and contract when her orgasm ripped through her.

He surged into her, hard and long.  She almost screamed with surprise at the sudden pussy assault.  He knew he was big, and he could be hurting her, but her pussy welcomed him just the same.  She didn’t even blink or closed her eyes.  She looked at him as he was looking at her.

He finally got what he had been longing for from the very first moment he first laid eyes on her.  He felt her muscles clench around him, and he knew.  He knew that she was going to come, and he also knew that he was about to explode in her tight, hot pussy.

He wanted to prolong the pleasure.  He stilled and pulled his cock out of her until just the head rested against her folds.

“No…”  She raised her hips in an attempt to get his cock back into her.

“No…  Please…”

“No what?”  He moved slowly inside her and withdrew his cock in one swift motion.  She sighed.

“Don’t stop fucking me.”  Her eyes pleaded.  But he won’t give in just yet.

“Tell me, you’re my whore.”


“You heard me.”

“I’m….”  She started softly.

“What?  I can’t hear you.”

“I’m your whore.”  Louder this time and this made him smile.

With a groan, he bit her shoulders and slowly slid into her snug, wet canal.  He didn’t have to tell her twice.  She repeatedly was saying she was his whore while he was fucking her.

She cried out her release.  He reached for a nipple and sucked and bit on it hard as his cock exploded into her.