Sunday, April 29, 2012


Too many memories. How do you get away from them?

I went inside our bedroom. The room smelled faintly of his cologne. I noted his watch on the side table and smiled. How natural of him to forget! Of course, I wasn’t around to remind him of stuff he has a habit of forgetting.


He just came out of the shower when I entered the bedroom. With just a towel wrapped around his waist, he was standing in front of the closet picking out what to wear.

“Babe, I already had your work clothes prepared. It’s in the other closet. Tie is there too and your socks.”

He turned and gave me a big grin. “Thank you, Babe.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him. God, he’s still sexy as ever! I watched as he unraveled the towel from his waist and revealed his butt. My nipples harden at the sight of his muscled buns. This man’s a walking sex object. He turned sideways then as if giving me a faint view of his cock. I bit my lip and saw a playful grin flash on his face. “Perv. Stop ogling me.”

“Well can I help it if my guy’s hot and sexy and oozing with sex appeal?”

He laughed a rich laugh. “Stop that.”

“Stop what?” I challenged him. The robe that I was wearing now parted at the top and the swell of my breasts showing. Without breaking eye contact I slowly placed my right hand inside my robe and gave my nipple a pinch. I groaned and closed my eyes. “Ummnn.. I’m not doing anything to you.”

“You’re such a tease.” I heard him say. I opened my eyes slowly. He was facing me now. His cock jutting out – it was as if his cock was asking me to give it a lick. I licked my lips. I want to taste him. I want his cum in my mouth.

He must’ve known what I wanted because he tilted my chin up, just enough that my mouth was positioned just a few centimeters near his cockhead. Oh he is such a tease! He was staring down at me with a challenging look on his face, daring me to take that cock in my mouth and suck it. And he knew I would give in.

I leaned a bit closer, not breaking our eye contact, and flicked my tongue over his cockhead and noted its wetness. His precum. “Ohhhh..” I heard his low moan as I saw him close his eyes. I knew he liked what I did.

He tasted sweet. I sucked the head of his cock wanting to take all of his precum in my mouth. “Oh yes Babe… That’s it… You know just what to do to please me.”

I opened my mouth wide and he knew just what to do. He surged inside in one swift move – all of his cock inside and nearly choking me with his haste but I began to move and let his cock slide in and out of my mouth. One hand tightened around the base while I used the other one to explore his sac. He was panting. I noted how he was holding my hair now. I continued my play. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and I started to run my lips all over its length. I ran the tip of my tongue over his balls before I sucked one into my mouth. I heard him let out a string of curses and he grabbed my shoulders.

“Enough.” He sounded breathless.

“You seriously want to stop?” I asked him. I noted I was as breathless as he was.

He laughed. “You tease!”

He sat on the edge of the bed and he pulled me over him until I was straddling his hips. His cock slid effortlessly inside my wet opening. We both sighed and shuddered at the pleasure of it. I grinned.

“I wasn’t done.” I told him.

“I was nearly over the edge. You’re such a tease Babe.”

And then he was kissing me, effectively clearing my mind of anything I wanted to say. I felt his hands everywhere on my skin. The next thing I know I was under him. He moved too fast. He held my legs up and positioned it over his shoulders. Deep, I knew he wanted it deep. And he knew just how that drove me crazy. He started to thrust – slowly, deeply, precisely enough to drive me mad.

I was panting, begging incoherently. “Please… oh please… I want… I need…”

“What do you want Babe?”

“Fuck me.”

“I am fucking you.”

I was so close. I needed more.

“Hard… Fast… I want it hard… fast… and deep…” I was gasping for air.

I didn’t have to tell him again. He knew I was close. He did just what I asked. I felt his teeth on my shoulders as he quickened his pace just enough to bring me close to the edge. I cried out in pleasure.

He gripped my legs with both of his hands. I heard him groan out aloud as he came in one deep final thrust.


I noticed the faint dent on the wall and remembered. Our last fight – the fight we had a few weeks ago. I remembered throwing something at him out of frustration. He ducked and the vase hit the wall instead. It wasn’t the first fight we’ve had that week. Come to think of it, I have already forgotten what we were fighting about. It’s the littlest of things; molehills that had been exaggeratedly turned into mountains.

Maybe all is not lost. Maybe we can still be saved. Maybe…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a post-it note on the side table and recognized my handwriting on it.


Dinner reservations. You know where. 6 PM.

I love you. R.

Our anniversary. Today’s our anniversary. It would’ve been our 3rd year of marriage – if we are still together, that is. I made the reservations 3 months ago. It was our favorite restaurant – first date, his proposal, first year anniversary – almost every special occasion we celebrated as a couple we did there.

I checked my watch. It’s 4:30 PM. Knowing how particular Jace is with time, I know he would be there by 5:30. If I hurry, I can be there before 6 PM. I stripped down and headed to the shower.