Thursday, December 8, 2011

THE CALL (Next Part)

Author’s Note:  Here is the second part of THE CALL.  I hope you guys like it.


I hear him clear his throat and then say, “Hey babe?  Have you ever wanked on all fours?”

“All fours?”

“Yes all fours.”

“I don’t think I have had the pleasure of doing that.”  And the thought of doing something that he suggested I do excited me more.

“So let’s try something different this time.”

“Hmmmmn…  Okay.  I am open to that one.”  This is going to be something else.

“I wish I could see you do it though.”  He wasn’t asking, but somehow that sounded like a request.

“Not a chance, buster!”  I had to laugh.  He had seen me play on cam before though, but this time I won’t be giving him that much.  I’ll have to save it for later - much, much later – to make him want me more and to keep him interested.

“And here I thought I could make you say yes to anything.”  He knows it.  I know it.

“I have to draw a line somewhere.  I am not your cam whore, perve.”  I laughed.

“Your laugh’s sexy, gorgeous!  Why is it that hearing your laugh is making my cock harden all the more?”  He admitted.

Kinilig naman ako dun!  I blushed.  I had to blush.  Isn’t that a compliment?  “Hey!  Are we doing it or what?”

“We are.  We are.  My cock’s eager and waiting.”  Tumawa sya.

“And my pussy’s creaming.”  Sagot ko naman.

“We made a rhyme!”

“Indeed.  So all fours, right?  Wait…  I need to get naked.”  I was about to get out of bed to get rid of what I was wearing when he stopped me.

“No.  Don’t.  You’re dressed down just fine.  Much exciting to do you scantily clad than fully naked.”

“Okay… You’re the boss.”  I conceded.

“I’m imagining you right now... you’re on all fours… that wonderful ass up in the air… I would love to see that big ass of yours.  Get two pillows for your head to rest on and for support, gorgeous.  Your hands would be busy in a bit.”

Just hearing him talk like that, hearing his voice, makes me hornier and my pussy cream all the more.  I positioned two of my pillows on top of each other.  Suddenly, an idea struck me.

“Hey handsome, would you mind a bit of a detour first before we do the all-four thingie?”

“Hmmmn… What do you have in mind?”

“You are making me so horny with just talking to you.  I want to ride my pillows, imagining I am riding you.  I want to cum.”

“Oh that sounds exciting!  Shit ka.  Lalo mong pinatigas titi ko dun.  Are you all set now?  What I’d give to see you ride your pillows.”

“Teka, I need my earphones.”  I grabbed my earphones from my bedside table and connected them to my phone and put them on my ears.  I set the phone down on the bed.

“All set.  Hear me clearly?”  I asked him.

“Yes!  Loud and clear.”

I straddled my pillows positioning myself on top of them.  “I am straddling my pillows as we speak.  I wish I was straddling you instead, handsome.”

“I wish it was too.  But for now, we’ll make this work.  Just imagine it, gorgeous.  I’d be lying beneath you.  So hot and horny for you as you are for me.  My hands will be on your tits.  Teasing your hard nipples.  They are hard now, right?”

“Hmmmn.. Oh yeah!  Rock hard, handsome.  Want to suck them off for me?”

“I’ll bite them too.  I know how much you like me doing that.”

“Oh I do!  You know I do!”  I was pinching both of my nipples now, my hands under my tank top, rubbing my nipples between my thumb and my long finger on both sides – loving the sensation it creates.  I actually could feel my pussy dripping wet.  So wet.

“Oh you must be so wet right now, baby.  Basa na ba pussy mo?”

“Super.  Creaming.  Just the way you like it.  I want to fuck you.  I want that hard cock moving in out of me – fucking me fast… and hard… and deep… Will you fuck me senseless?  Ang sarap siguro ng titi mo if it’s inside me now.”

“So come on and ride me, gorgeous.  Feel my hard cock in you – stretching your pussy muscles.  Fully accommodating my cock in your tight pussy.”

“Oh yes!  I like the feel of having you inside me – the feel of that hard dick.  Oh shit baby!  Fuck me.”  I was slowly rubbing my pussy against the pillows now.  My clit’s tingling.  I moved and rubbed my clit over the pillow yet again and set tingles of pleasure.  That felt so good!  I moaned.

“Ride that pillow hard and fast, gorgeous!  I want you cumming for me.  I want you screaming my name when you cum.  Shit ka!  My cock’s so hard right now.  The head is swollen.  I wish you could see it.  I wish your mouth’s on it.  Ang sarap sigurong kantutin ang bibig mo while you hump your pillow.”

I’m humping my pillows hard and fast now.  I felt so fuckingly wanton.  I wanted to cum.  Hard and fast.  And cum again and cum again.

“Are you close?  It sounds like you are.  I love the way you moan, babe.  Come on and cum for me.  Fuck those pillows like crazy.”

“Yes…. I… am… so… close…”  I was nearly out of breath.  “So… close…”

I pinched my nipples hard.  It was like riding my way to the finish line.  And I am itching to get myself to the finish line.

I was moaning like crazy now and I couldn’t hear what he was saying over the phone.  I had one goal – and that’s to climax and I feel it’s just a few seconds away.

With my back arched, I rubbed my clit over my pillow one final time and twisted my hard nipples in my fingers as I screamed his name in ecstasy as my orgasm overtook me.

And I got my panties and pillows wet with my juices.

----- TO BE CONTINUED -----

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  1. now i can relate to this story..done this before..hahaha