Sunday, May 19, 2013


“And now, following many conversations,
you’re vastly awake and holding your fingers between your legs
 and wanting to feel again the spark you lost so long ago.
 You throb, so hot, needing, wanting, the desire is there
but your fingers are just not enough.”

- The Bride Stripped Bare

So…  Do you like the show now?”  I asked the guy sitting next to me.

Yes.”  Was his answer.  I’ll be downloading the rest of the episodes when I get home.

I smiled.  “I told you.  It’s good.  Now you’re hooked.

His name is Pete.  He is a 28-year-old Chinese guy.  No, he’s not my boyfriend.  And no, we’re not dating.  He seemed like a fairly decent guy so when he asked for my number, I did not hesitate and I gave it to him.

It was quite a surprise when he said he wanted to come by my place one Saturday evening.  I was even more surprised (with myself) when I agreed and said yes.

I wasn’t looking to get laid.  While I admit that I have been feeling (and yes, ignoring) the heat for days, I wasn’t planning on doing anything sexually with him.

And now we’re sitting next to each other in my living room watching an episode of “Once Upon A Time.”  He has managed put his right arm around me while we watched.

I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was 11:40 in the evening.  My housemate would be home soon.

I went back to watching.  His right arm was squeezing/rubbing my shoulder.  He’s not saying anything but I couldn’t be wrong in thinking he wanted something to happen.

He turned to me then.  And just stared.

What?”  I asked.

Nothing.”  He said.

Why are you staring?”  I asked again.

I’m not.

Well, stop looking at me like that.”  I turned to face him this time.  Bad move on my part.  His face was close.  Too close.

He just laughed.  I tried covering my face but he just kept looking.

And when his eyes fixed on my lips, I knew what he wanted to do.

He leaned over and kissed me.  I let him do the kissing for 10-15 seconds before I started kissing him back.  His left hand started to roam and homed in on my right breast.

Yep, he wants to fuck.  What the heck.  I’ll do this then.

I broke the kiss and said, “Let’s go to my room.

He nodded.

I didn’t turn the lights on when I went inside.  It’s better doing this in the dark.

Rubber?”  I asked.

Yes.  Have it with me.


He started taking off his clothes.  I did the same—taking of my shirt, unhooking my bra, and pulling my shorts off.

I can’t let you stay overnight.”  I tell him.  “My housemate will be home by 12 midnight.”  I positioned myself on the bed.

Okay.  Noted.

We have 20 minutes until 12.  Do you think you’d be able to make it by then?

I’ll try.”  He said.

Okay then.”  He positioned himself on top of me.  I didn’t need any foreplay.  I guess he got that.  But I was already wet.  I grabbed his rubber-coated cock and guided it in.  I felt it go inside in one swift movement of his hips.

I moaned and I heard him groan.

His cock was moving in and out of my pussy.  It was just plain fucking.  No, there is no love there.  No, not even passion.  Just sex.  Nothing else to it.

I wouldn’t call it mindless sex because—well, what the fuck, I’m still able to think while we’re having sex.

He was breathing heavily now.  I knew he was about to come.  I wasn’t even close.  But I didn’t mind.  I don’t need to cum.  All I needed was to feel a cock inside my pussy.

Cheap thrill.  This is all there is to it.

And in one final stroke, he came.  He pulled himself out and got off my bed.  He managed to cum under a time limit.

What time is it?

11:50”  was his answer.  “I better get going.

Yes.  You better.

And in just a matter of minutes, he was all dressed up and out of my place and left with a quick “Thank you.

I had to smile a bit.  The “thank you” was the icing to the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.

I know for sure I’ll never see him again. Not even if he wanted to.