Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Perils of Being Single and Being an Erotic Writer

And you just stood there at the foot of the bed looking down at me as I lay there flat on my back with my legs parted wearing nothing but a red lipstick.

My nipples were pebble-hard and begging to be licked, sucked, and bitten.  But I knew you weren’t looking at my tits.  Your gaze was fixated lower, and I knew exactly where your attention was focused on.

You were looking at two fingers – my two fingers – moving in and out of my wet pussy.

You were watching me intently as I finger-fucked myself.

I stopped typing.

I can’t believe it!  Nalilibugan ako sa sarili kong kwento.  I had to laugh.  Mabuti na lang at mag-isa lang ako sa kwarto.  My nipples are hard and poking through the thin tank top I was wearing.  I reached for the glass of water sa may tabi ng laptop and almost sighed with the sensation of my the cloth material grazing my hardened nipple tips and in a weird way I felt my pussy react.

Oh my god!  I don’t like it when I’m like this.

I gulped the cold water down in the hopes of extinguishing whatever it is that I am feeling.  Nope.  Nothing happened.  Still horny.

Focus.  I need to focus and started typing again.

I was looking expectantly at you and at how different we look right now. You were fully clothed and I was stark naked. I wanted to reach for that belt buckle, undo it myself, and free the engorged animal in your pants. You knew what I wanted. You smiled at me and started unbuttoning your jeans. You parted the material and your cock sprung out—eager to be free. You left your jeans where they are and slowly unbuttoned your shirt and let it fall off to the floor. Such a tease…

My pussy is wet, eager, and waiting. An idea struck me. I slid my middle finger deep within my hot core and covered it with my pussy juice and then slowly put that same middle finger inside my mouth and licked and sucked it never taking my eyes off you.

“Oh god…” I heard you say. You finally pushed your jeans down and stepped out of them and leaving a crumpled heap of denim on the floor.

I paused and turned the e-fan on.  Nakabukas na yung AC sa room ko pero ang init pa din.

It’s that time of the month when it is getting hard for you to ignore THAT feeling.

Normally, I would just take a cold shower, sleep it off, set the thought aside, keep busy with other stuff and eventually IT vanishes.  But today—today is different.  None of the usual stuff will work.

Tang inang buhay to! Ang hirap talagang maging single!  Naalala ko tuloy yung huling usapan naming ng close friend ko na si Tin.

Sis, alam mo naman ang solution dyan.  I think you know who to text.”  Sabi ni Tin sa akin.

No, I don’t think so.”  Mariing sagot ko.

And why not?  Eh andyan na nga’t niyayaya ka?  Bakit di mo pagbigyan and enjoy yourself?  Life is short sis.  Get fucked whenever you can and you want!

Easy for you to say.  You get fucked almost every night.”  I think I sounded wistful than I have ever intended to.  Sa amin kasing dalawa, si Tin ang may boyfriend.

I know right?!”  At tumawa ng malakas si Tin.  Bruhang ito.  Nagpapainggit pa.  “Eh bakit nga ba ayaw mo?

You know me naman, di ba?  I don’t usually do stuff like that.  And alam mo naman yung main focus ko at the moment.

Yes.  Yes.  ”  Natawa ako when I saw the look on Tin’s face.  I know that look.  Maglelecture na ito.  Here goes… “You still refuse to get out of that shell of yours!  Sis, matatanda na tayo.  We’re no longer teenagers.  Live a little!

Yep.  Naglecture na nga.  “Ikaw kasi you overthink stuff.  Yun ang problema mo.  I don’t think na magkakaroon ka ng shortage of guys na mayayaya.  I already know one who is willing and waiting.  Nagrereklamo na nga yun minsan kasi di matuloy-tuloy ang date nyo.”

“I know…  I know… There’s something wrong with me.  It’s not like I haven’t done all those crazy stuff before.  I did.  It’s not like I don’t want to.  I do.

Then stop thinking and just do it.  Eh nag-enjoy ka naman the last time you went out with the guy di ba?  Yung first time ninyo together?

Yes, I did.

Ano nga ba sabi mo nun, the best you ever had?  Naiyak ka pa nga nun eh.

I blushed.  “Uy sobra ka!  Sinabi ko ba yun?  Naiyak lang ako kasi narealize ko that time how much I missed being fucked.”

Yun naman pala eh!  What’s stopping you right now?  You wanted to get fucked di ba?”  And before I could answer, Tin continued, “Alam mo, gigising ka na lang isang umaga na may cobwebs na dyan sa baba.”  Sabay nguso sa may ano ko.  “Or worse, nagsara na.  Di kasi nagagamit.

Napatawa ako ng malakas.  “Or baka mas masikip na ulit.  O di ba?  Di ko na kailangan magpa-landscaping just to be tighter again!

Pwede!  Like a virgin.  Again.”  At sabay kaming nagtawanan.

Lately, palaging ganyan ang takbo ng conversations naming ni Tin and lately I’ve been wondering why I’m keeping myself from enjoying one of the pleasures of life!

I just might give in one of these days—I don’t think I could ever ignore this feeling anymore. It’s been months!

But for now… I have to finish this.

“Enough with you and your teasing. Come with me.”

Ah, the commander is back. I smiled. You offered your hand and helped me up. You led me to the bathroom and made me stand in front of the sink with a large mirror.

You started kissing my neck. I stroked your cock from behind me. You reached around and grasped my boobs, taking my nipples between your thumb and your forefinger and pinching them as you nipped at my neck. I knew what you wanted. I leaned forward, my hands resting on the edge of the bathroom sink and I was face to face with the mirror.

You stepped back and slapped my bum. My eyes widened and closed as I relished the feeling. You slapped it again. The sound reverberated in the quiet room.

And just when I thought you were going to slap my butt the third time, I suddenly felt you hand between my thighs, pressing against my wet pussy, my fingers parting it oh so lightly. I spread my legs wide and allowed you greater access.

I felt you slide your fingers inside me, just probing inside and enjoying the warm slickness. You move your fingers back and forth, grazing my clit but not entering deeply.

Damn you! You knew just how to tease me.

You withdrew your hand leaving a trail of my juices across my inner thigh. You stepped closer and grasped my hips. You positioned your cock between my thighs and thrust slowly in—sliding your hardness through my wetness.

I watched my facial expressions in the mirror noting how my expression changes with every move your cock makes inside my pussy.

And when I finally felt you plunge deep inside me, I had to close my eyes and nearly shook with the pleasure of it.

I felt your hand on my neck as you speak, “Look at yourself.” I opened my eyes and stared at my own reflection.

“Look at that puta getting fucked.” Hearing “puta” made my pussy juices flow and nipples tighten all the more. I like being called a whore.

“Tell me who my puta is.” You commanded.

“Me.” I squeaked. “I’m your puta.”

“Kaninong puta ka ha? Who owns you?” You moved faster and faster—your cock thrusting and grinding inside of me.


“Tell me!” And I felt a hard smack on my ass.

“You! You own me.” God, I want him to spank me again while he fucked me. “I’m Jack’s puta.”

“Oh god! I’m cumming!”

“Cum for me my puta. Sabay tayo.”

I felt my pussy insides shake as an orgasm hit me. A stream of hot cum exploded inside of me—your cum.

You slumped over me and while our ragged breathing returned to normal I heard you say, “No one else gets to fuck that pussy of yours. You’re my puta, and you’ll do anything I want you to do, understand?”

“Yes, Jack.”

I paused and re-read what I just typed out. Wow… This fascination of mine with sub/dom is reflecting in all my writings. What does that mean? And I shook my head off to vanish the thought in my mind.

I felt wetness seep through my panties. Great! And I haven’t even began touching myself. Ang hirap talaga nito.

Arggghhh! Ayoko na ngang magsulat. I clicked on SAVE and closed the word document. I’ll be posting that on Erotivoice soon.

The story of my life (right now) — the morals of a saint (almost saint-like anyway), the sex drive of a whore, and the looks of the girl next door. Naks. Naging very poetic yung dating ko.

I checked the time. It was nearly 1 AM. Makatulog na nga lang!

“Hey, I heard you are a wild one.
If I took you home it'd be a home run
Show me how you'll do

I heard the familiar ring of my phone.  Who is calling me up at 1 AM?

Scott!  How fitting that he would call me this time. 

“Hey Scott!”  I greeted him sa phone.

“Hi Joy!  Are you free to go out?  Do you want to meet?  I’ll take a 3-hour lunch break from work.  Say yes.”

Ang galing naman ng timing ng bruho.

“Are you serious?  Okay, I know you’re serious.  Sige.  I’ll meet with you.  Same place?”

“Oh great!  Same place.  I’ll be out in 5 minutes.  I’ll take a cab and wait for you there.  See you in a bit.”

I ended the call.  I only have 10-15 minutes to get ready.  Mabuti na lang nag-shave ako kahapon.

I can’t believe I’m going out of the house at 1 AM just to get laid!  Oh well, there’s always a first for everything.

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