Sunday, December 11, 2011


I had been standing outside the door for what felt like the longest time.  The coward in me wanted to turn back and just leave, but I finally had the courage turned the key and went in.

It was like I never left.  The apartment looked exactly the same.  I basked in the familiarity of it all.  Every nook and cranny reminded me of Him, of Me, of Us, and what used to be.  With no warning, the tears that I have been holding for what seemed like forever flowed freely as memories rushed in.


“I want to taste you!”  I heard him say.  He just got home from work.  He held me in an embrace, and I felt his lips on my left shoulder.

“I thought you were hungry.  The food’s almost done.”  I smiled as I tell him.  I love the feel of his arms around me.

“I am, but that can wait…  I crave for something else.”  I feel his breath on my neck.  He is in the mood.

“And what would that be?”  I asked him.

“Your pussy juice.”  I heard him reply.  To make his point clearer, his left hand traveled downwards and I felt him pinch my pussy.

“Oh that can be arranged!”  I laughed and took his hand intently leading him out of the kitchen.

“Where are we going?”

“Bedroom.  Didn’t you just say…”

“Yes.  Yes I did but we can do that here.”  He gave me that mischievous boyish grin of his.  The kind

“Here?  The kitchen?”  I looked at him questioningly.  He is kidding, right?

“Yes.  The table looks inviting.  You’d be delectable on it.”

The idea of me lying on the table and him feasting on me sent shivers down my spine and excitement down my clit.

He moved a few things out of the way and helped me up the table.  He helped me lie down and get comfortable.  I felt the hardness of the table against my back.  My butt was over the edge of the table with my feet dangling.  He settled between me and sat on his usual chair.

He parted my legs.  He fumbled with undoing the ribbons of the panties I was wearing and managed to get that out of the way too.  I saw him smile when he saw how wet I was.

“All for me.”  I heard him say.  “All mine.”  And I felt him flick his tongue on my clit.

“Ohhhhh!!”  What’s a girl to do but moan?

I felt a finger go inside me, teasing my pussy walls, penetrating me slowly while his tongue continued its flicking tease on my clit.

And one finger became two.  Deep it went.  I felt it go deep inside me.

“I want you wetter.  I want your juices overflowing when I put my mouth on you, slide my tongue inside you, and fuck you with my tongue.”

“Oh honey…  please…”  My breath became shallow.  I swear I could see spots lights dance in front of my eyes.  The anticipation of having his mouth really on me, to have his tongue deep inside me is killing me.  I was literally begging him.  Those teasing fingers – they are driving me crazy!

An eternity seemed to pass before I felt his mouth make contact.  He traced my pussy lips with just his lips.  I fisted my hands and dug my heels into the table and pushed my hips up.  Damn this guy!  Damn him for knowing exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

He ran his tongue against my pussy lips.  He went back to my clit and sucked it harder this time.

“Oh god,”  I groaned, raggedly breathing.  “God Jace, I am so-”

The sensations he is creating with my clit on his mouth is sending me near the edge.  So close to that explosive moment.

He lapped at my pussy and I creamed for him.  I trashed on the table and my back arched.  He ate me deeper, drove his tongue into my wet cunt until I screamed his name as I fell over the edge of orgasm.

I tried to push him away.  The sensation was just too much for me to handle but he wouldn’t have any of that.  I felt him bit down on my clit – not too hard but enough to keep me motionless and breathless.

He gave my cunt one last lick and then smiled as he stood straight up and looked down at me.  “Now let’s have dinner.”