Thursday, November 8, 2012


“And now, following many conversations,
you’re vastly awake and holding your fingers between your legs
 and wanting to feel again the spark you lost so long ago.
 You throb, so hot, needing, wanting, the desire is there
but your fingers are just not enough.”

- The Bride Stripped Bare

You have ruined me.

I no longer want tender moves.

I do not want sweet blissful kisses dancing across my skin.

I do not want your hand to tenderly stroke my face as you sensually devour my body.

I have had that.

But it no longer aroused me.

It no longer gets me off.

It no longer makes me scream and cream.

Deep down… I knew what I truly desired but I have never spoken these desires out loud.

I want to feel you dominate me. Control me.

I want you to take me. All of me. In every possible way.

I want you to strip me down on the bed.

I want my hands tied up to the posts and rendered useless, helpless, immobile.

I want my body pinned under yours. To feel the weight of you on top of me. Your erection pressing into me.

I want your knee between my legs prying them open whether I’m ready or not.

I want to feel your mouth rough against my lips.

I want your mouth on my breasts, my nipples hard at just the thought of you, then peaking at the touch of your mouth, your tongue.

I want you to sink your teeth on my skin, branding me, making me yours.

I want your hands devouring me, taking control of me, owning me, letting me know you’re in control.

As you slide yourself into me, I want your hands in my hair, grabbing, pulling, jerking.

A hand around my throat - gently at first and then later, more harder.

After all these years, I am finally aware of what I am at my core.

Aware of what I want, aware of what turns me on.

I am me and I am a sub at heart.

I want to be dominated… and I know you would.

So take me.

I'm yours.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


It begins with a touch like it always does.
Followed by a string of words.
Urged on by hunger.
“I want to fuck you, D.”  You say.
And you pull me to sit on your lap and you plant a kiss on my collarbone.
The hardness of your being I feel against my wet core.

Him:  Payback time, D.

Her:  Payback?

Him:  Yep.

Her:  What do you mean?

Him:  I told you I will make you cum.

Her:  Do you think you can?

Him:  I’ll do my best.

Him:  Come here, babe.  I want to feel your heat.  Your warmth.

Her:  So I sit beside you then?

Him:  Nah.  On my lap.

Her:  I’d be too heavy to sit on your lap.

Him:  I can handle you.  Shush.  I want to nibble on your jaw and trace kisses to your ear.  What are you wearing?

Her:  Tank top.  Shorts.  What are you wearing?

Him:  Boxers.  Take off your tank top.

Her:  Just boxers?

Him:  Yeah.

Her:  Nothing underneath?

Him:  Who wears briefs under boxers?  That’s plain stupid.  Hahaha.

Her:  Hahaha.  Bastard.  Shut up and kiss me.

Him:  Hard and rough?

Her:  Yes.  Hard and rough.  What will you do to me then?

Him:  Damn…  I love licking.  I will lick your neck.  Give it little bites.  Suck on it.  Down to your shoulders.  I want to give your shoulders a very nice, very red kiss mark.

Her:  Will you let me hold your cock while you bite and lick my neck?

Him:  Hold it?  Fuck yeah!

Her:  My hands.  They’re all over you.  I want to feel your hardness.  And maybe later I’d have a taste of it and put it in my mouth.

Him:  Damn!  I want to bury my face in your breasts.  Suckle them one after the other.  Knead them.

Her:  Bite them gently.  Tug on the nipples with your teeth.

Him:  Oh yes ma’am!  I will.

Her:  You’re so hard and ready.  I want to squeeze on your balls.

Him:  Damn it, D.  I want to taste your pussy.  You wet?

Her:  Very.  Fuck me.  Now.  Please.

Him:  Fuck.  May I please taste your pussy juice?

Her:  I want to feel you inside me.

Him:  Later.  Pretty please?  With precum on top?

Her:  Oh come on!  I want to cum with your cock inside me.

Him:  I want to fuck your hot pussy with my tongue first please.  Are you nearing it?

Her:  Not yet.  I just want to feel you inside me.

It begins with exploration as it should.
Followed by curious lips.
Urged on by that raw need.  Lust.
And then there’s teeth—my teeth—sinking on your shoulder.
My hands in your hair.
My thighs straddling yours.

Him:  Goddamnit!  Let me lick your pussy.  Open your legs wide, please.

Her:  You’re going to drive me crazy with your tongue.

Him:  D, if I wanted to eat your wet, hot hole, you will lay down with legs wide open.  Got that?

Her:  Feisty.  Yes sir!  I’ll be your very own sex buffet.  Pussy-all-you-can of sorts.

Him:  Good.

Her:  Hot head!

Him:  Very hot head, D.  Hard and stiff too.

Her:  I want you.

Him:  So open wide.  Naughty tongue coming in.  God!  I wanted to smell you down there.  Lick you slowly.  Suck in your pussy juice.

Her:  Your cock, please.  In my mouth.

Him:  I’ll my tongue hard and pointy and fuck your hole with it.  My fingers playing with your clit.

Her:  Will you let me have your cock?  I want to taste you?

Him:  Shit, D!  I’m so fucking hard right now.

Her:  Come on and show your cock in my mouth.  Fuck my mouth.  Please.

Him:  Maybe next time.  No blowjobs from you now.

Her:  Why not?  Don’t you want to come in my mouth?  You’re driving me crazy with your tongue and your fingers.

Him:  And my cock.  Want me to shove my hard cock into your hot, hot hole?  I will do it.

Her:  Yes.  All of it.  Inside.  To the hilt.

Him:  Ask me to fuck you.

Her:  Deep.

Him:  Say it.

Her:  Fuck me please, Paul.  Fuck me!

Him:  I’m teasing your pussy with my cock, D.

Her:  No teasing.  Push it all inside.  All of it.

Him:  Oh yeah!  I will brand you with my cock.

Her:  I want to squeeze your cock inside me.  I want to feel it moving in and out of me.  Feel it all deep.

Him:  Fuck, D.  I’d give it to you rough and hard while licking your lips and sucking on your neck.

Her:  Are you going to fuck me hard and fast?  I want to bite your shoulders.  I want you to kiss me hard while you fuck me.

Him:  Oh yes I will.  I will crush those lips against mine.  All the while my cock is claiming your pussy.

Her:  You’re going to make me scream.  I know you will.  I’d be talking dirty and I’d be loud and you’d be covering my mouth with yours in an attempt to quiet me down.

Him:  As long as I can make you cum, I don’t care if you scream or moan or cry or beg.  I will fuck you until you explode.  You can be as noisy as you want.

Her:  Ang sarap mo sigurong kumantot.  I want that cock so badly.

Him:  Feel my cock, D.  Tangina.  Lalo akong nalibugan nung nanagalog ka.

Her:  Mas nakakalibog pag tagalog di ba?

Him:  Kakantutin ko yang pussy mo.  Tangina ka.  Libog na libog na ako.

Her:  Shit!  Nakakalibog ka kasi.  Alam mo bang matagal na akong nalilibugan sayo?  Ever since we had that steamy chat before I can’t get you out of my fucking mind.

It begins with aggression.
Followed by hands roaming everywhere.
Urged on by that blatant need.
You spread my pussy lips easy.
You find me wanting and ready.
I pinch on both your nipples as you slide your cock in.

Him:  I want to fuck you from behind.  I want to slam my cock into your pussy.  I’d grab your hair.  Pull it then fuck that sweet, wet pussy of yours.  Hard and fast.  I’d slap your ass a couple of times.

Her:  Your teeth.  I want to feel it on my skin.  Bite me.

Him:  Lick ‘em.  Bite ‘em.

Her:  Anywhere.

Him:  You were reading my mind.

Her:  Tangina mo.  Don’t stop.

Him:  Fuck!  I need to fucking cum!

Her:  If you stop now, I swear I’d strangle you.

Him:  Goddamnit!  I’d go faster as fast as I can and as deep.  I want to feel every part of your pussy, D.

Her:  Bakit ang sarap mong kumantot?  Your cock.  It’s driving me crazy.  You’re driving me crazy.

Him:  Squeeze my cock with your pussy, D.

Her:  My clit’s tingling.  My pussy is so wet!  I want to cum!

Him:  Cum for me, D.  Drown my cock in your sweet, sticky cum.

Her:  Shit… I want to see your face when I cum.  Stop fucking me from behind.  Let me see you when you cum too.

Him:  Turn over.  I’d push your legs open and fuck you deep.

Her:  Damn you, Paul.  I’m shaking with need here.  My fingers aren’t enough.  My pussy wants your cock.

Him:  You and me both babe.

Her:  I’ll tighten my pussy muscles around your cock.  Bite me.  Bite my shoulders.  Kiss me hard.  Fuck you.  I’m getting close.

Him:  I will.  Your shoulders will be very bruised after I’m done with you.  Your lips and your breasts too.

Her:  I’ll be your whore.  I’ll do anything you want just keep fucking me like this.

Him:  And your wet, hot pussy will fucking miss my cock every second that it’s not there.  I’ll suck your cum and lick your pussy clean after you cum, D.  Cum for me.  Now.

Her:  God!  That cock of yours is driving me crazy.  Push it deeper!  Harder!

Him:  Fuck, D.  I will fuck you until you beg me to stop.

Her:  Isagad mo!  Yung sagad na sagad.

Him:  You need a fucking dildo.

Her:  I need a real cock.  Not a dildo.

Him:  Hmmmnn.. Oh D!

Her:  Shut up and fuck me some more.  I want to cum with you.

Him:  Fuck, yes!  Cum with me D.

Her:  Shit!  I’m so close.  My pussy’s so fucking wet right now!

Him:  I’ll go faster D.  I want to taste you so bad.

Her:  I’m using two fingers and I’m fingerfucking myself.  Imagining you’re really fucking me.

Him:  Fuck that is so hot!

Her:  Your lips and teeth on my tits.  Your cock in my pussy.

Him:  I’m all yours D.  Every bit of my fucked up being I will use to please you.

Her:  Cum with me.  I’m cumming na.  Paul, I want to scream your name when I cum.

Him:  Someone might hear you.  Fuck.  That is hot!

Her:  I want to feel your tongue in my mouth.

Him:  Suck on it, D.  I will bite your lips until they bleed.

Her:  It’s so fucking hard to type with one hand you know.

Him:  I know.

Her:  Shit ka.  Ang sarap!

Him:  You came?

Her:  My body’s shaking.

Him:  Did u cum?

Her:  Yes, fuck!  I want more.

Him:  I should have taken a picture of cum spurting out of my penis.  Hmnnnn.. Next time.

Her:  So there’s a next time then?  Can the next time be like… now?

Him:  Wow.  You’re insatiable.

Her:  Well you made me horny.

Him:  Sleep na tayo.  I’ll wrap my legs and arms around you para di ka makawala.  I want to fall asleep with your after sex scent on my nostrils.  I want to dream of us.  Haha… Cheesy shit.

Her:  Hahaha!  Matulog ka na nga.  Don’t dream of me.  You’ll fall.  You don’t want that.

It begins with a release.
Followed by that mind-blowing sensation.
Urged on by explosive climaxes.
And it felt like shattering into a million pieces.
Yet feeling whole again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


“And now, following many conversations,
you’re vastly awake and holding your fingers between your legs
 and wanting to feel again the spark you lost so long ago.
 You throb, so hot, needing, wanting, the desire is there
but your fingers are just not enough.”

- The Bride Stripped Bare

And so here I am…

On a bed…  In a motel room…  Shoulder to shoulder with a guy.

And there’s silence.  Awkward silence.

Who’s making the first move?!

Ako na lang kaya?

But what do I do?

Shall I turn to face him and kiss him hard on the lips?

Ay teka!  I remembered our stupid rule.  No kissing.

Actually, it was his stupid rule.

I happen to love kissing, but it’s one of those things we’ve both agreed to not do.

He wanted to try anal sex.

But that’s a special hole that I’m saving.

He won’t kiss me and yet he wanted to have my ass?  Ano ako hilo?

Like I’d actually say yes to that!

I felt him move beside me.

Ano nga ba ang gagawin ko?

Teka nga!  I am an erotic writer for crying out loud!

I write erotic stories in my spare time!  I should know how to jump start this whole thing!

And just like they are on cue, a lot of sex ideas came to mind.

But somehow doing it, imagining it, and writing about it are three different things.

He turned to me then and was lying on his side.

“How was your coffee date with, Tin?”

Seriously?  He was asking about the coffee date?

I turned to face him.  “Girl talk.  As always.  I was asking you to join us.”

“Hindi pwede eh.  Toxic sa office.  In fact, babalik pa ako dun later.”

“I thought you don’t work on Saturdays?”

“On call.  Lalo na ngayon.  Tambak ang work sa office.”

Petty conversations when he’s supposedly fucking me right now!

I felt his hand on my shoulder and I smiled.  Ayan na!  Finally.

“We have too many clothes on.”  I heard him say.

“Let’s get naked then.”  I told him.

He got up from the bed and started taking his clothes off.  I did the same.  I was looking at him while he was taking his clothes off and noted the tattoo that spanned his shoulders and his upper back.  Interesting.  I’ll have to ask him about his tattoo one of these days.

Scott is not that tall.  Probably around 5’4” or 5’5”.   As I am only 5’2” he is a bit taller than I am.  He is not what one would consider slim.  He is kind of on the chubby side except walang “beer belly.”  I know he doesn’t drink beer.  In fact, he doesn’t drink at all.  And he doesn’t smoke.  He told me so.

I guess he is what one would call “gwapo.”  In fact, isa siya sa top good-looking guys who attended the party where we met.  He is maputi.  A bit soft-spoken.  I initially thought he was gay when I first met him but I realized that some men are just naturally soft-spoken.

He is a poet.  I have read some of his works, and I am impressed.  I have been encouraging him to write blogs, but he said it is not his thing.  He just writes a few verses whenever he feels like it.

He told me he had read some of my work, and he is impressed.  He laughed when told him I used his name in one of the stories that I wrote.  He told me he got turned on when he read it.

But the bottom line here is nothing romantic is ever going to take place between us.  He knows it.  I know it.

He isn’t looking for something serious right now (most guys are saying this anyway).  And me?  Well…  It is kind of complicated.  Something is wrong with me, but that is another story.  One I would rather not be mentioned here.

So where was I?   Oh right…  We were getting naked.

Bumalik siya sa pwesto niya sitting down this time with the pillow on his back and him in all his naked glory.

I climbed back sa bed, but this time instead of lying beside him I headed to settle between his legs.

He was about to get up when I said, “No, don’t get up.”  And he knew what I meant to do.

I parted his legs.  Pumwesto ako between them.  I noted his cock is starting to get hard.  He was shaved.  Good.  No hair to deal with.

Sweet god!  It had been too long since I had a cock in my mouth!

There is around 5 inches of him maybe.  I can work with that.

I ran both my hands sa inner thighs nya and I heard his sharp intake of breath.  His cock moved in response.

I knew what he was expecting me to do.  I watched him watch me with anticipation as I bent my head down.

But what I did was different.  I let my tongue ran along his cockhead teasingly.  Just the tip of my tongue touching the tip of the head of his cock.

Just when he was expecting me to put his cock in my mouth, I went and targeted his balls instead.

I parted his thighs some more, and I licked and traced my tongue over his balls.

It had been too long since I’ve licked some balls!

I then slowly take one inside my mouth and played it with my tongue before releasing it and taking the other.

Scott is too quiet though.  I noted.

I hear a sharp intake of breath every now and then.  And a low moan from time to time.  But that was it.  He doesn’t talk dirty.  Too bad.  I would prefer that my bed partner’s a bit noisy.

But I knew he was enjoying what I’m doing.

His cock got bigger and harder.

I couldn’t help it.  I had to lick the head again.  I flicked the head with my tongue.  He was watching me closely.

I sucked both balls one last time before I started licking his dickhead.

His precum was oozing out.  I slowly dragged my tongue the full length of him before I opened my mouth and sucked on the head.

I heard a very low moan.  I guess Scott is just one of those guys who aren’t noisy in bed.

And because Scott wasn’t expecting it and I know he would love it, I surprised him when I took all of his cock in my mouth—deep throat—to the hilt.

A hissing sound escaped his lips.

I took out his sock in my mouth and asked, “Did you like that?”

“Yes.”  I almost didn’t hear it.  “Yes, I did.”

“Masarap ba?”  I had to check.  He isn’t telling me anything.

“Oo.  Sobra.”

I smiled.  I started licking at it like it was a lollipop and licked at the base of his cock, the whole length of it, all the way to the top.

I wanted to use my teeth but not all men like that so I tested the waters and gently dragged my teeth over his cockhead.  Napaangat ang pwet nya.

“Too much?”  I asked.

“Kind of.”

“You didn’t like it?”  I asked again.

He shook his head no.

Okay.  No teeth then.  Too bad.

I jacked him off with my hand.  Every once in a while I would flick the head of his cock with my tongue and use my other hand to massage both his balls.

My tongue circled his cock.

My mouth was running all over him.

My fingers drawing patterns all over his balls.

Then I switched and I was suddenly sucking on his head again.  My other hand tightening around the base of his cock.


Monday, August 13, 2012


Why am I here again?

I ask myself that question countless times in the 15 minutes that I had been sitting here in our usual meeting spot.

Right.  I want to be with him.

There he is!  I saw him right away.

Oh god!  That handsome face.

Please don’t smile.  I wanted to beg him not to.

But he did, and my stomach felt like it was tied into knots.  My heart did a flip-flop—I felt it skip a beat.

His playful smile hinted of the pleasure we’d both be experiencing in the coming hours.

And I certainly hoped my hunger for him isn’t evident on my face right now.

But I do want the man!

Are you ready to leave?” he asked.

I nodded and said nothing, but the smile I gave him answered his question.

He offered his hand and pulled me close to him, deliberately placing his other hand on the small of my back to caress it.

I stiffened.  Not because I didn’t want it.  But because the heat radiated almost instantly to my pussy.

My pussy was starting to get excited.

He opened the passenger’s side of the door for me like the gentleman that he always is.

How I managed to keep my hands off him during the whole ride to his apartment is a mystery.

As soon as we closed the door behind us when we got to his place our lips met, tongues dancing, torsos aligning, limbs all over the place.

He pinned me to the bedroom wall and hitched my leg up, roughly pulling on the straps of my dress while trailing hot kisses on my neck.

I moaned in delight.  How can I not?  His teeth on my skin.  I love how that made me feel.

I had to muster every strength I have not to rip his pants off and free his aching, stiff cock.  I wanted his cock in my mouth.

I felt him slip his hands underneath my dress and underwear searching for my sensitive spot and as soon as he found it I started buckling under the pleasure and a long, low moan escaped my lips.

I would have collapsed on the floor had he not been holding me.

He gave me time to recover and just stared at me with a smug look on his face.

My turn.”  I tell him.  I took his trousers off and freed his hardened dick.

I swallowed him whole with my eager mouth.  It was not long before he peaked in orgasmic waves and he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth as he spilled his cum inside.

That was just the beginning of it.

The night went on with us fucking like we were trying to defy Newton’s Law of Physics.

And it was in the wee hours of the morning as we were lying side by side in sort of a spoon embrace that I realized something.

I’m in love with the guy!

I’m in love and I’m addicted.

Addicted to him.

Addicted to sex.

Addicted to anything connected to him.

I have to get away.

I slowly eased myself away from his embrace.

He was still asleep.  Good.

My dress was in a lump of clothes near the door.

Where are my panties?

My bra next to my dress.  I started putting it on first.

The room was in major disarray.

We must’ve been like animals!

Truth be told, his entry into my life was nothing short of stormy.  He was like a force of nature.  He was a whirlwind that always left me in an upside down mess.

But with him, I had no inhibitions.  I almost blushed as the memories of the night prior filled my mind.  Was that really me?  Is that who I am when I’m with him?

He unleashed the animal from the depths of myself.  Depths I didn’t even know existed.  For someone who had been in control most of the time, I lose my mind when he is close.

And who was he?

I couldn’t even decide if I knew him a little or not at all!  This enigma of a man.  I don’t ask a lot of questions.  And he doesn’t share a lot of details about himself.

I felt off-balance, severely off-balance.  All I know right now is I have to run.  Away from him.

Now if only I could find my damn panties!

I slipped my dress on.  I knew my purse was on the coffee table in his living room.

Where the fuck is my panties?

I almost gasped when I saw him awake and watching me.

I didn’t realize you were awake.”  I found myself saying.

Well I am.”  Was his reply.

I tried not to meet his eyes.  I picked up a brush and started to brush my hair.  I’d get lost in it if I do.

I gather you won’t be staying for breakfast then?”  He was behind me now.  He moved my hair out of the way and I felt his wet lips brush my neck.

God!  He knew it’d make me weak.

I have to go somewhere today,” I responded quickly.  Another kiss.  A kiss that sent shivers down her spine.

I’ll see you tomorrow then?  It’s a Saturday.  You can stay with me over the weekend.”  He made me turn around to face him.

I have work over the weekend.  I can’t possibly get away.”  I tried my utmost to look apologetic and wondered if I had managed at all.

He looked at me intently.  Like he was searching for truth in my eyes and yet his own revealed nothing.

I’ll see you tonight then,” he finally said.

I smiled and shook my head.

No,” I whispered but my resolve melting as his hand cupped my face and his thumb caressed my earlobe.

He outlined the bow of my lip with his finger and said, almost hungrily, “You’ll come,” and I knew he was right.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


“And now, following many conversations,
you’re vastly awake and holding your fingers between your legs
 and wanting to feel again the spark you lost so long ago.
 You throb, so hot, needing, wanting, the desire is there
but your fingers are just not enough.”

- The Bride Stripped Bare

What the fuck are you doing?”  I asked my own reflection in the mirror.

Akala ko ba ayaw mo ng ganito?  And yet here you are…”  My reflection just stared back at me.

Useless conversations with myself.  Yes, I do this all the time.

I closed my eyes for a bit and inhaled deeply.

When I opened them, I feel a rush of confidence flowing in my veins.

I headed for the door and turned the knob.  “Here goes nothing…

Madilim na yung kwarto when I got out of the bathroom except for the light that’s coming from the television.

CNN was on TV, but the volume was turned low.

Everything all right?”  Scott asked me.  He was lying in bed.

Yeah.  I just washed my hands.”  I told him.

Naghugas ng kamay?  Why the fuck did I just say that?

I removed the belt of my dress, placed it on top of the bedside table, and climbed the bed next to him, but there was this big space between us.

Awkward space.  Space na kasya pa ang isang tao.

How do we start this thing?

I looked at the man beside me.  His eyes were closed.

So tutulugan nya ako?  Baka he is waiting for me to make the first move.  How do I make the first move?

Should I take my clothes off?

Tama.  Dapat nga talaga I’ll be wearing may undies na lang.

I looked at him and noted he’s still wearing his shirt and his pants.  Socks even.  The only things he took off were his shoes and his eyeglasses.

Teka nga!  Bakit pala ako ang gagawa ng move.  I’m the girl here.  I should wait until he makes the first move.

Right.  Yun ang dapat.  The first move should come from him.

And I lay there.  Not moving a muscle.  Wondering and waiting for what will happen next.

“You’re too far.  Move closer.”  I heard him say.

Move closer daw?  At ako pa talaga ang uusog.

But still I gave in and moved right next to him.  We were now shoulder to shoulder.


If we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we’d probably be tearing at each other’s clothes right now.  But we’re not.

Scott and I—magkaibigan lang kami.

We met 2 weeks before at a party when a male friend vowed to introduce me to any single guy who will attend, and he actually did.

Scott was one of the guys I was introduced to that night.  He asked for my number, and we’ve been texting and talking since then.

In the 2 weeks that we’ve been corresponding, it got to a point that we talked about sex and the fact that we haven’t had any lately.

And that conversation eventually led to a turning point where we both decided to do it.  The only question was when.

Our schedules barely ever meet.  By the time I get home from work, papasok naman siya sa office niya.  The days that I’m free and he’s working.  So it was more like ‘landian’ lang sa text for the lack of better word to describe it.

Until one early Saturday morning when I was having coffee with my closest friend and he texted me.

(Text conversation between me and Scott)
Scott:  Where are you?  Still at Starbucks?
Me:  Yes.  Susunod ka ba?
Scott:  It’s 4 AM already.  What time are you going home?
Me:  5 AM or so.  I’ll just wait until they wake up.  I forgot to bring my keys.  I don’t want to wait outside of the house.
Scott:  I see Do you want to meet?

Wait!  Do I want to meet?

I stared at my screen.  Meet?  He wants to meet me now?

Napakunot ako ng noo.

“O?  What’s wrong? Ba’t parang nakakunot ang noo mo?  Sino ba yang katext mo?”  I heard Tin say.

Si Scott.”  I told her as I sipped my coffee.

Bakit ganyan reaction mo sa text nya?  What did Scott say?

I looked at Tin and she had a huge smile on her face.  “Nagyayaya.”  I answered.

Oh my god!  Kailan?”  I noted the huge smile on Tin’s face.  Kung makangiti, wagas.

He just asked me if I wanted to meet.”  And I stared at Scott’s last text message.

What did you tell him?”  Tin prodded.

I didn’t answer pa.”  To be honest, I can’t decide pa whether or not I will say yes.

Why didn’t you?”  Tin asked.

“Sis…”  I started to say but Tin cut me off.

You’re overthinking again!”  Tin exclaimed.

She is right of course.  I tend to overthink and overanalyze stuff.

It’s not that.

Eh ano?  It’s just going to be just sex.  Like an itch that needed to be scratched.  You scratch his.  He’ll scratch yours.

Eh ayoko naman ng ganun lang.  Saka…  Walang spark eh.

Ayan na naman tayo sa all-spark na yan.  Si Optimus Prime ka talaga.  Sis, you’re meeting him to fuck.  It’s not like you’re going to get married to the guy.  Yang self-preservation mo, it’s getting old.”

And before I could say anything else, Tin added, “Sis, why not say yes to Scott?  Gwapo naman siya.  Malay mo naman magaling sa kama.  Mapaligaya ka pa nyaKung hindi man, e di we can charge it to experience and maybe laugh about it.”

My phone vibrated.  Another message from Scott.

Scott:  Are you still there?

Tin has a point.  What the heck!  I pressed reply on my phone screen.  Fine…  I’m saying yes to this now.

Me:  Yes.  The answer is yes.
Scott:  Really?  You want to meet?
Me:  I said yes, didn’t I?
Scott:  Sige.  I’ll see you at 6 AM?  I’ll be out of the office by then.
Me:  Okay.  6 AM it is.
Scott:  Shall I pick you up then?  Or meet you somewhere else?
Me:  We can meet somewhere else.
Scott:  I’ll text you the place later.  See you.

I said yes already.  I guess I’ll be seeing Scott later then.”  I smiled as I told Tin.

She grinned and said, “That’s good, Sis.  And you can tell me all the gory details after.”

Me?  Tell her all will ever happen?  Not bloody likely.

“Hah!  You’d have to get me drunk for that.”  I told her.  But she laughed and mouthed what seemed like “we’ll see” to me.

And so here I am…

On a bed…  In a motel room…  Shoulder to shoulder with a guy.

And there’s silence.  Awkward silence.

Who’s making the first move?!