Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HALF-LIFE (Back to Black Reverse) Part 3

“Maybe, I need to see the daylight
To leave behind this half-life
Don't you see I'm breaking down”

Two Months Later

Are things back to normal now?  I asked myself.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve been trying to keep busy and drowning myself with work.  It helps, but it had not been enough to totally forget Rem.


"I want your ass."  I heard myself say.  I blurted out what has been in my mind for days now.

“What?”  I noted the surprise in her voice.  God, I must’ve sounded like a pervert!

"I want..."  I started to say again.

"I heard you the first time.  Are you talking about ----" And I heard her stop before she continued saying, "Anal sex?"

"Yes.  Can we?"

"But I haven't tried that before..."

"I haven't either, but I have been wanting to do it with you.  Can we?"

And I knew she wouldn’t say no.  She couldn’t say no.  At least not to me.  I have a power over her.

"Okay."  I heard her say softly.

"Really?  We can try it?"  I was grinning.

"I said yes, didn't I?"

My grin widened.  "Good!  Now, roll over."

I saw her hesitate for a bit but then went and did what I asked and positioned herself – all fours with her naked ass in the air.  My cock hardened in anticipation.  I didn’t want her to change her mind and I didn’t give her a chance to argue.

I parted her butt cheeks and delved her asshole with my tongue.  She moaned.  The unexpected sensation that my tongue is creating must have felt good.  When it seemed to me that she was starting to relax and enjoy what my tongue was doing, I gradually introduced a finger inside her hole.  I felt her tense and she held her breath.

"Relax.  We'll go slowly.  I promise.  Di kita sasaktan."  I tried to soothe her nerves.  I used my other hand to circle her clit.  She let out another moan as I pressed a finger deeper in her as while I increased the pressure on her clit.  Every feeling seemed to have been intensified a hundredfold by the combination of both sensations because I felt her knees quiver and her moans increased.  She was gasping for air.

"Ready for more?"  I asked huskily.  I am so turned on right now.  She nodded, and I slowly entered a second finger inside her ass.  I felt her shudder.  "How does it feel, Rem?  Tell me."  I was breathless, as was she but I wanted to know how it feels for her.

"Fine."  She managed to choke out.   "Good."  She was panting now.

I moved behind her until my mouth was near her ear.  I noted how my voice was gruff when I told her, "I'm gonna fuck you the normal way for a bit while my fingers are in your ass so you can get used to it, okay?  Okay baby?"

She nodded her head.  I put on an unused rubber we had left and moved back into position behind her.

We both moaned when I slid my cock deep inside of her.  I set the rhythm and inserted two more fingers in her ass – now she has three inside.  I was cock-fucking her pussy, finger-fucking her asshole, and playing with her clit – all at the same time.  She was moaning like crazy.

"Oh baby, your pussy... is... so.... weeeett!"  The feel of her pussy walls tightening around my cock was just too much, too good.

"Joe, I'm going to come!"  She was gasping for air.

"Hold on sweetie.  I want to be in your ass when you come."

She nodded.  I moved faster than I could ever imagine.  Too soon, the pressure of my cockhead wet with her own pussy juice replaced my fingers.  In mere seconds, I was pressing it in slowly, firm but gentle, until I pushed past the tight muscles and slid in the rest of the way.  We were both holding our breaths the whole time.  Oh my god!!!  She was so tight!

"Oh my god! You feel amazing!"  I gasped.  I slipped inside her ass deeply and held perfectly still.  Then, he started to move slowly.

She was quiet.  I must be hurting her.  I have to make this good for her too.  I can’t stop now.  I can’t pull my cock out of her sweet, tight hole.

I thumbed her clit with light touches then pushed two fingers inside her pussy and started finger fucking her.  I felt her brace herself as she was thrown immediately into throes of orgasm.  I heard her scream – her scream of ecstasy.  I gripped her hips hard as I thrust my cock into her and felt myself shudder and groan as I empty myself inside her ass.


“Sir, I need your signature?”

“What?”  It was as if I just came out of a trance.  Where am I?  Right…  At work.

“I need your signature.”  Mrs. Reyes, my long-time secretary, was just standing there in front of me.

“How long have you been standing there?”  I asked her as she handed me the piece of paper she wanted me to sign.

“Five minutes, maybe.  You seemed preoccupied with something, and it looked like you were in deep thought.”

I handed her the document and uttered apologies.  She smiled and then left.

“Lately, something here don't feel right
This is just a half-life
Is there really no escape?
No escape from time of any kind?”

“Yeah, Bry…”  I was walking along the fruits section of the supermarket with my pushcart.  “Yes.  Yes.  I have to pick up a few things.”  I grabbed a pack of limes and apples and pushed my cart again.  “It’s all good, Pare.  Yes.  See you in a bit.”  I had to put my phone back in my pocket and wasn’t looking where my cart’s headed.

WHAM!!  I hit another cart.

Annoyance was etched on my face and I was ready to give the other cart owner a piece of my mind when I saw and recognized her face.  Rem!  She was shocked as I was and just stared at me as if I were a ghost.

Before she made a move to run away, I acted as swiftly as I can and held her by the hand.

“Let go, Joe.”

“Rem, we need to talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about.  You chose your own way.  I chose mine.  That’s the end of it.”

“Rem, I needed to explain…”

“Oh there you are, Joe!  I’ve been looking all over for you.”  I turned and saw Meg walking towards us.

My hold on Rem slackened a bit.  I saw Rem’s face as she looked at Meg and me and her gaze darkened.  Perfect timing Meg!  Real perfect timing.

And before I could do anything, Rem left her cart and ran.  I went after her.  “Rem, wait!!”

And just like in the movies, when the guy goes after a girl he loves, the girl gets lost in the crowd.

“What was that about?”  I heard Meg ask.  She went after me and pushing my cart.

“Just someone I know.”  I answered.

“Was that…..”

“Yes.”  I didn’t let her finish.

I felt Meg touch my shoulder.  “I am sorry, Joe.  I shouldn’t have interrupted.”

“Not your fault Meg.  I think she would still run away.”

Meg squeezed my shoulder as if silently telling me things will be okay.

“Let’s go.  Your husband’s waiting.”  I took the cart away from her and headed for the counter.

Yes, Meg and Bry are now happily married.  It turned out my best friend had a thing for my ex-girlfriend, and they are great together.


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