Monday, July 2, 2012


To see you when I wake up
Is a gift I didn't think could be real.

I awoke.

The smell and sound of a shower rouse my mind.

I opened my eyes and smiled as I see you walk into the room with just a towel around your waist.

I gazed at you intently.

You gave me a grin.

You already know what I wanted.

The towel whipped aside.

Your cock springs out.

My eyes widen slightly.

I feel my pussy get wet.

You come closer.

Your cock knew where it wanted to go.

I take you in my mouth.

It still has water from the shower so it is a clean taste mixed with just a hint of your salty excitement.

I look up and see you standing before me with your eyes close.

Your body rigid.

I reach forth and hold your balls.

My tongue swirling and teasing your cock.

Your hands grab my shoulder.

Trying to slow me down perhaps?

Or trying to keep your control.

I wanted you to come inside my mouth.

And I knew you were on the very brink of coming.

So very close.

And you didn’t want to lose control.

You suddenly flipped me on my back and in one solid motion, you pushed your cock inside my wet and eager pussy.

I felt you explode inside me.

I felt the thick ropes of cum splash into me.

That sensation made my eyes roll back.

And I came.

To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold, Utopian dream.

You text me and tell me you are on your way.

Leave the door unlocked, you said.

Strip down to my panties, you said.

And wear the blindfold you got me, you said.

Five minutes later and I hear the sound of your feet walking through the bedroom there.

You trail the lines of my legs, the curves of my toes, the shape of my thighs with only a few fingers.

I feel your full weight pressing down on me slowly.

And you were fully clothed.

Your instructions were clear — I look and you’ll stop.

Your lips found the places along the bottom of my belly.

They worship my inner thighs as I place my knees together and with both hands from my ass I remove your panties.

You spread my legs wide and placed them over your broad shoulders.

Your lips—oh my god!

I arched my back.

Your lips danced around my pussy gently.

Your firm tongue started its slow dance of teasing and moved slowly upward.

Spreading my lips apart from the bottom and taking with it the sweat wetness to the very sensitive top.

With both hands on my hips, you began to make out with your pussy.

Your lips.

Your tongue.

Sucking.  Playing.

I was panting.

No, I was moaning.

I was saying your name over and over again.

Both your hands shift from the sides of my hips to just under my ass.

You knew I was about to cum.

My thighs start to quiver.

Oh my god!

I came.

My pussy belongs to you—I know that now.

You take responsibility for its pleasure.

You do something to me that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said "I miss you"?

The lights blinded me.

The attention overwhelmed me.

And yet I needed to make an appearance.

But I am not fine.

I hide behind the makeup, the big hair, the fancy clothes, and the high heels.

I hide behind the smiles, the giggles, and the silly jokes.

I flirt mercilessly.

I laugh too loudly.

I give the sweetest hugs.

But underneath my happy, excited exterior is an emptiness, a void.

It is true what they say, you know.

While some good things never last, some don’t even start.

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