Friday, June 29, 2012

HIS KEPT WOMAN: Stripped Bare

Author’s Note: This is a part of my Kept Woman series.


And they say it is an act of courage to be and to own all of who you are. No apologies. No excuses. No masks to cover the truth.

And I think the greatest act of courage would be to have someone own you and control you.

I actually only recently have discovered my submissive side, and I am learning new things about myself and submission in general every single day.

I have never been in a D/S relationship before.

But there was something about Sir that made me say yes.

I guess it is true what they say when they said Curiosity killed the cat.

My Sir, he has always been such a dominating person for me that it just made sense for him and I to adopt this new level of intimacy.

He gives me commands that I must follow, and I happily comply because I want to be a good girl for him and make him proud.

Good girls get rewards.

Bad girls get punishments.

And while I want to be a good girl all the time and make him happy and proud, my curious nature sometimes takes over, and I wonder what punishments he has in mind.

Curiosity punished the bad girl.

I don’t want to be punished. Well, maybe I do… just a little…

It is not that I want to feel pain.

It’s not that I want to be treated roughly.

But do I want to have rough sex.

I crave for rough sex.

But the word “craving” doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Anyone can give it to me.

But I don’t want anyone else.

I am his.

He owns me.

Life exists for me only when he allows it.

Liberty and freedom—they are no longer mine.

I am to serve as he says, when he says, and with whatever he says.

No questions.

Happiness exists because I completely and wholly submit to his every desire.

He can blindfold me.

Do all the things he fantasized about.

He knows what I like because we both realize we are cut from the same cloth.

I trust him and I give him complete control.

I know he will treat my body to the same ecstasy that he satisfies my mind with.

After all… my mind is how he captured me to begin with

And if he knew what I wanted, he’ll probably want to choke me.

And if he does it with his cock inside me while making eye contact I promise I won’t complain.

I want to be tied up to a bed post against my will.

I want to be stripped of all my clothes and any other protection.

I want to be hungered for and devoured like the last meal.

I want to feel what it is to be dominated and relinquish all control.

I want scars and bruises that remind me that you were there.

I want to feel his nails dragging across my skin.

I want to feel his rough hands pulling at my hair and jerking my head back to look at him in his dominant, powerful, intense, amazing eyes.

I want his mouth biting at my back and my tits, breaking the skin and leaving blood and bruises everywhere.

I want his fingers twisting and pulling at my nipples working me into a sexual frenzy.

I want to hear his voice whispering the filthiest things in my ear before nuzzling on it.

I want his arms twisting tighter and tighter around my neck, choking me until I couldn’t breathe.

I want his hands cupping my ass then slamming his hands across it, leaving the brightest and most beautiful bruises that you ever did see.

I want his amazing cock pounding into my wet pussy harder than I ever believed was possible from all angles.

And lastly, his cum drizzling all over my makeup-smeared face, tits and pussy.

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