Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Him:  Remember, my offer still stands.
Her:  What offer?
Him:  To relieve your horniness.  I am serious.
Her:  Now why did that excite me?  I’d be thinking of you with lustful thoughts now.

I want it rough.

Will you hear my plea?

Pull my hair.

Slap my ass.

No, slap me.

Take control of me.

Bite me.

I want to hurt.

For hurt brings out the pleasure.

Make my body stretch in ways I’ve never imagined.

Tear me apart.  I know you can.

Make me cum.

I swear I’ll scream your name when I do.

Him:  We both know nothing’s gonna come out of that.
Her:  I know but…  Maybe it is a mind play of sorts.
Him:  What do you mean?
Her:  The fact that you turn me on and you excite me.  It’s like you’re fucking with my brain.
Him:  That I can do.  Anytime.  Mind-blowing.  Figuratively speaking.
Her:  And my nipples got rock hard and my clit tingled.   Hahaha.  I need to get laid.  Damn.

Every time you close your eyes, do you imagine?

My kisses.

My touch.

Your body pushing against mine.

Wanting you.

Needing you.

Me sucking you.

Never wanting to stop.

Do you imagine it all?

Because I imagine doing all those stuff with you.

Him:  Damn.  You made me hard.
Her:  I made you hard? J
Him:  Yes.
Her:  I hate you.  And I need a cold shower.
Him:  Why hate me?
Her:  Because you are giving me ideas and you’re making me excited.
Him:  Shut up please and continue.  You left off with “my clit tingled.”

I’m thinking of you naked.

The way I’ll push my hips to meet yours.

My legs wrapped around you.

Wanting and needing more.

Devour me.  With your mouth.

Own me.  With your hands.

Brand me.  With your teeth.

Fuck me.

Make me melt with you.

Her:  Why do you have to be so bloody brilliant with words?
Him:  Shit!  Are we going to do it or what?
Her:  Should we?  Could we?  Would we?
Him:  Well, I am doing something.  That’s for sure.
Her:  I want that.  In my mouth.
Him:  Oh you got it!

When I think of you…

I get this sinking tingling feeling.

That starts at my neck…

Then travels down my breasts…

Nipples tingling and getting hard.

It ties my stomach into knots…

It leaves me aching.

I ache for your hands wandering all over my body.

When you make me beg.

When you make me bend.

When you make me lose control.

Her:  Will you give it to me rough?
Him:  I’ll fuck your mouth.  Deep in your throat.  Can you take all of me?
Her:  I want to take all of you.  Would you mind if I use a bit of teeth?  On your cock?
Him:  I fucking love that.  Do you want me to fuck your pussy with my tongue?
Her:  No.  I want your fingers in my pussy.  I want you sucking my tits.  Biting them.  I know you can make me scream your name.  You will have to keep me quiet though.  I can be noisy.
Him:  Fuck.  I want you.  Your tits will get sore.  I won’t put my cock in you.  Not until you come.

Maybe this is an inappropriate admission.

I want you to take me.



Against a wall.

Stripped and naked.

Have me.

Own me.

Eat me.

Like a sex buffet.

Try me.

Him:  Let’s stop.
Her:  What?  Why?
Him:  You have to bathe and I have to take care of this fucking hard on.
Her:  I don’t think a shower can fix what I’m feeling right now.  Damn this.
Him:  I hate that I didn’t make you cum.
Her:  Nah.  It’s okay.  I’m cool.
Him:  This means I’ll owe you.  I owe you an orgasm.


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