Thursday, November 10, 2011


Oh what a night it was!  A night of the hottest and most passionate moment that I have ever experienced in my entire life.  My heartbeat now moves in a slow steady rhythm; my breathing has now normalized; my body is tired and sore – but my heart is filled with love.

I rest my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat and your deep, even breathing.  You are so content and peaceful.  I love you completely.  I know that now.  And as I watched you sleep I couldn’t help but ask myself, will you still love me tomorrow?

I have never watched a grown man sleep before.  It had kind of a stalker-ish ring to it though.  Why are you so perfect?

“You are mine.”  Two powerful words that you uttered right before you spilled your seed inside me.  And you own me.  A smile played on my lips at that thought - I am yours.

I found myself kissing your chest – little butterfly kisses – and my hand began to wander spanning your chest, and where my hand goes my lips follow leaving more butterfly kisses in their wake.

I heard a low moan.  I look up and see you looking back at me with a smile on your lips.  You are awake!  I reached up to touch your cheek and to trace the bottom of your lip with my little finger.  But it was not enough.  Suddenly, I was hungry for more.  I have to kiss you – taste your lips against mine and kiss you and kiss you again and again and yet again.

My hand began to wander again.  It wandered from your cheek to your neck with warm kisses trailing close behind.  From your neck, it wandered to your chest playing over a nipple that hardened at its touch.  Across your belly I roam, over your hip, and down your thigh.  I know now where my hand is wandering, and I must follow.

I lean over you and trace my fingers back up your thigh – staking claim over what is mine.  Yes mine.  All mine.  This thick, long shaft that has freed my body and has enslaved my soul.  This is what I dream of.  This is what I desire.  I can feel it swell and lengthen under my soft, feminine touch.  I lean over and kiss its sweet, silken head.  I can taste the mingled flavors of your juices and mine.  Still, a kiss could never be enough and a taste left me wanting for more.

With one hand on your belly and the other gently stroking your shaft, I begin to taste more and more.  My tongue swirled around the head of your cock, licking your shaft.  I want it all – your cock in my mouth, to feel it pressing the back of my throat.

I can feel your need rising as I take you fully into my mouth.  Your sweet cock grew more rigid by the moment, longer, thicker.  I know I cannot possibly take it all yet my desire grew as quickly as yours.  The heat in my mouth spreading all over my body and radiated towards my now wet pussy.  I must have all of you.  I need all of you.  Now!  It has to be now!

My body still ached and my cunt still sore, but I cannot wait another moment.  I straddled your hips and guided your hard cock into my wet, hot waiting pussy.  I sighed and became still while my swollen pussy lips stretched and accommodated your thickness.  Oh yes!  That feels so good!  I place your hands on my hips.  I wanted you to set the pace.   Now this is where I belong.  This is bliss!

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