Thursday, November 10, 2011


We gazed into each other’s eyes warmed by our naked embrace.  To me, it felt like we were connected on a deeper level.  Whatever this is between us – there were no labels.

Labels are for fools, and fools fall in love.  At least that is what you keep on saying.  I feel differently though but that is another story.

“Do you trust me?”  You ask.

Instead of answering “yes” I gave you a long, deep kiss – putting all my emotions into it.

You smiled when I ended the kiss.  You stared at me for a bit and I thought I saw something flash in your eyes.  Or was I just seeing things?  You held my hand and led me to follow you to the bed.

“Lie down.”  You say.  I complied.

You let me lie on my back with a pillow under my head and another under my hips to elevate my pelvis.  I bit my lip in anticipation.

“You are so beautiful.”  You say it.  You mean it.  And I believe it.

I wanted you to kiss me senseless – to feel those lips on mine, your tongue teasing my tongue…  Oh but I agreed to do this and you had other agenda in mind.

You bend my knees and open my legs wide.    I should feel exposed, but I don’t.  You have seen all of me.

You sit comfortably between my legs with your legs crossed.

“Remember what I told you earlier.  Deep breaths.”  You reminded me.  I nodded.

You poured massage oil on your hands, and you begin by massaging my legs and my thighs, encouraging me to relax and to start taking deeper breaths.

I closed my eyes.  The scent of the massage oil filled the air.  It was intoxicatingly relaxing.  Your fingers were both firm and light at the same time – massaging my stomach area, my breasts, and my arms.

I felt my nipples pucker up and my clit tingle in anticipation.  I was hoping your thumb would accidentally graze my nipples as you massaged both of my breasts, but you made sure that that did not happen.  I moaned and suppressed a smile.

You worked every muscle gently, and I could feel a warm glow spread throughout my body.  I have never felt so relaxed and yet so turned on in my entire life!

You then proceeded to my pelvic area and then moved down to my inner thighs.  With your right hand, you poured a liberal amount of scented oil to my pussy – it was enough so that it started to drip down my outer pussy lips and generously covered the outside of my cunt.  I had to suppress a moan.  I was way beyond excited.

You ever so gently rubbed oil on my outer lips.  I bit back a loud sigh and told myself to relax, but I was breathing heavily now.

With your thumb and your index finger, you squeezed each pussy lip and slid your finger up and down the entire length of each lip.

“Oh my god!”  I nearly shouted.  You laughed and just told me to relax.

“Relax?  Are you fucking kidding me?”

You squeezed my inner lip again this time putting more pressure into it that I almost ran out of air.  “How… can… I … relax… with … what… you… are … doing?”  I heard you chuckle and I wanted to hit you in the head, but this feels good.  Too good.

Then you started stroking my clit in a circular motion.  My hips buckled.  I started grabbing handfuls of the duvet.  “Oh god!”  You stroked my clit clockwise and then counterclockwise.  “Oh shit!”

I was nearly hyperventilating and you told me to relax and tale deep breaths again, which I did or at least tried too.

You squeezed my clit between your thumb and index finger and then ever so slowly inserted your middle finger inside me.  I felt my pussy welcome your finger inside me.  I wanted more than that finger.  I wanted you – to feel that cock inside me – and yet your finger is doing wonderful things to me.

I felt that finger explore and massage the insides of my pussy – up, down, and around.

You then bent your finger and made contact with my G-spot!  That contact did it.  I felt myself come undone and I came.  I had to scream – with pleasure – as I felt my pussy juices flow.  And I thought you will stop.  And I thought that was the end of it.  But your finger was still inside me.

You continued the massage, varying the speed, the pressure, the motion.  You told me to keep breathing and never once broke eye contact.  My cheeks are flushed.  I almost felt like crying.  Too much.  Too good.  And yet I want more.

You then introduced a second finger inside me.  The sensation of two fingers massaging my inner pussy muscles was too much, too good – but it felt right.  I then felt your thumb rub my clit and that almost made me leap off the bed.  Another finger went inside me.  Oh god!

Just when I thought it could never get any better than this, you introduced your pinkie finger in my anus.  That feels sooooo good!

I read somewhere that when a man’s pinkie finger is in a woman’s anus with his index, long, and ring fingers and his thumb on her clitoris that he is “holding one of the mysteries of the universe in his hand.”

But I cannot really dwell on that thought right now.  The sensation of having both holes filled and my clit played was just too much to handle.  I was nearly on the edge of coming.  So close to the edge.

“Come again for me.”  I heard you say.

With that, I felt myself convulse and screamed his name.

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