Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dear You,

I dream of you.
Far too often than I would’ve wanted.
Though I swore I would never admit that to you.
In my dreams, we are always giving in to passion.
Being foolhardy rather than sensible,
throwing caution to the wind,
giving in to temptation,
 and indulging in lustful desires.



Have you ever had that dream where you’re lying naked spread-eagled on your bed, and you have this one guy feasting on your pussy like a sex buffet?

Where you feel his mouth on your clit sucking and three of his fingers in your pussy fingerfucking you?

And you wanted to grab a hold of his hair and push his face deeper.

And you feel your whole body shake with need of the impending orgasm.

And yet you want more!

But he intended to do you slow.

He stops for a bit.

“Just lay still and enjoy.”  He says.

And he begins the teasing all over again.

You feel him kissing your neck working slowly downwards to your breasts.

He was kissing using a slow circular motion as he edged closer and closer to your left nipple and until finally for what seemed like forever for you his lips finally met the nipple and he takes it into his mouth.

Nip on it.

Suck on it.

Use his tongue to lick and flick as he sucked.

Your soft moans in response to what he is doing filled the air.

Your body’s bucking like crazy.

Wanting more.

Always wanting more.

He starts to move lower.

Kissing his way down across your belly nudging closer to your still damp pussy.

His tongue found the wet cleft and dipped to taste.

“Oh god please!  Eat me again.”  You cried.

“Please…  Just please…”

And he devours your pussy again.

His hands on your thighs holding your legs open.

His mouth and tongue tasting and teasing.

Your clit gets teased, licked, and sucked.

His tongue presses deep into you.

As deep as it would be allowed.

And you bucked your hips at the ministrations of his mouth.

You’re close.  So close!

“Please… Ohhh!!  Yes!!  More… There... Ahhh yes!  Right there... Oh god, Paul, your tongue’s so good.  No don’t stop!  Fuck please… Don’t stop… Oooohhhhh…”

You were close to the edge.

Almost there.  Almost.  Almost.

He probed you.

He licked you.

He sucked you.

He explored every part of your perfect pussy.

Never keeping the same pace for long and continually building your arousal until you just couldn’t take it anymore.

He worked you into a sexual frenzy.

Your breathing now ragged.

“Haaaaahhh…  Ohhhhh…”

Your cries increasing in pitch until he pushed you over the edge the orgasms finally crashed over and through you.
“Ohhhhhhh… Godddddd…  Yesssssss!!!”  And you screamed his name as you came.

And then booooommmmm…

You wake up and you realize it was all a dream and you find yourself in bed.


Horny as hell.

With your legs parted.

And your panties soaking wet.

Oh yes!  That erotic dream made you cum.

And you still want more.

You just have to have more.

And you remember that face.  His face.  As he lapped up your pussy juices in your dream.

And you cup your left breast with your left hand and pinch your nipple hard through the thin tank top that you were wearing.  Imaging it was his fingers that pinched your nipple.

And your right hand finds its way down to your pussy.

Not even bothering to take your panties off.

Your fingers found your pussy as your hand just slipped through the sides of the soaked thin material.

A moan escapes your lips as your finger teasingly flicked through your clit.

You wanted to cum and no longer prolong the agony.

And you start finger fucking yourself and pinching your nipples alternatingly harder with one hand.

And you close your eyes and picturing his face.  Imagining it was him finger fucking you.

Wanting it was him fucking you.

Wishing it was his cock fucking your wet cunt right now.

You whisper his name…  You just had to.

You are close to cumming.

And you say his name over and over again as you finger fuck yourself faster and faster.

Your hips meeting every plunge your finger makes inside your pussy.

Your body starts shaking as you reach the penultimate peak and you let out a long moan.

And minutes later, just when you thought you’ve “mended” that feeling, it comes building up again.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re horny and single?

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