Monday, August 13, 2012


Why am I here again?

I ask myself that question countless times in the 15 minutes that I had been sitting here in our usual meeting spot.

Right.  I want to be with him.

There he is!  I saw him right away.

Oh god!  That handsome face.

Please don’t smile.  I wanted to beg him not to.

But he did, and my stomach felt like it was tied into knots.  My heart did a flip-flop—I felt it skip a beat.

His playful smile hinted of the pleasure we’d both be experiencing in the coming hours.

And I certainly hoped my hunger for him isn’t evident on my face right now.

But I do want the man!

Are you ready to leave?” he asked.

I nodded and said nothing, but the smile I gave him answered his question.

He offered his hand and pulled me close to him, deliberately placing his other hand on the small of my back to caress it.

I stiffened.  Not because I didn’t want it.  But because the heat radiated almost instantly to my pussy.

My pussy was starting to get excited.

He opened the passenger’s side of the door for me like the gentleman that he always is.

How I managed to keep my hands off him during the whole ride to his apartment is a mystery.

As soon as we closed the door behind us when we got to his place our lips met, tongues dancing, torsos aligning, limbs all over the place.

He pinned me to the bedroom wall and hitched my leg up, roughly pulling on the straps of my dress while trailing hot kisses on my neck.

I moaned in delight.  How can I not?  His teeth on my skin.  I love how that made me feel.

I had to muster every strength I have not to rip his pants off and free his aching, stiff cock.  I wanted his cock in my mouth.

I felt him slip his hands underneath my dress and underwear searching for my sensitive spot and as soon as he found it I started buckling under the pleasure and a long, low moan escaped my lips.

I would have collapsed on the floor had he not been holding me.

He gave me time to recover and just stared at me with a smug look on his face.

My turn.”  I tell him.  I took his trousers off and freed his hardened dick.

I swallowed him whole with my eager mouth.  It was not long before he peaked in orgasmic waves and he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth as he spilled his cum inside.

That was just the beginning of it.

The night went on with us fucking like we were trying to defy Newton’s Law of Physics.

And it was in the wee hours of the morning as we were lying side by side in sort of a spoon embrace that I realized something.

I’m in love with the guy!

I’m in love and I’m addicted.

Addicted to him.

Addicted to sex.

Addicted to anything connected to him.

I have to get away.

I slowly eased myself away from his embrace.

He was still asleep.  Good.

My dress was in a lump of clothes near the door.

Where are my panties?

My bra next to my dress.  I started putting it on first.

The room was in major disarray.

We must’ve been like animals!

Truth be told, his entry into my life was nothing short of stormy.  He was like a force of nature.  He was a whirlwind that always left me in an upside down mess.

But with him, I had no inhibitions.  I almost blushed as the memories of the night prior filled my mind.  Was that really me?  Is that who I am when I’m with him?

He unleashed the animal from the depths of myself.  Depths I didn’t even know existed.  For someone who had been in control most of the time, I lose my mind when he is close.

And who was he?

I couldn’t even decide if I knew him a little or not at all!  This enigma of a man.  I don’t ask a lot of questions.  And he doesn’t share a lot of details about himself.

I felt off-balance, severely off-balance.  All I know right now is I have to run.  Away from him.

Now if only I could find my damn panties!

I slipped my dress on.  I knew my purse was on the coffee table in his living room.

Where the fuck is my panties?

I almost gasped when I saw him awake and watching me.

I didn’t realize you were awake.”  I found myself saying.

Well I am.”  Was his reply.

I tried not to meet his eyes.  I picked up a brush and started to brush my hair.  I’d get lost in it if I do.

I gather you won’t be staying for breakfast then?”  He was behind me now.  He moved my hair out of the way and I felt his wet lips brush my neck.

God!  He knew it’d make me weak.

I have to go somewhere today,” I responded quickly.  Another kiss.  A kiss that sent shivers down her spine.

I’ll see you tomorrow then?  It’s a Saturday.  You can stay with me over the weekend.”  He made me turn around to face him.

I have work over the weekend.  I can’t possibly get away.”  I tried my utmost to look apologetic and wondered if I had managed at all.

He looked at me intently.  Like he was searching for truth in my eyes and yet his own revealed nothing.

I’ll see you tonight then,” he finally said.

I smiled and shook my head.

No,” I whispered but my resolve melting as his hand cupped my face and his thumb caressed my earlobe.

He outlined the bow of my lip with his finger and said, almost hungrily, “You’ll come,” and I knew he was right.

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