Sunday, June 24, 2012

Possibly Maybe (The First Part)

And this is just because I’m listening to Bjork right now. – DropDeadDiva


Your flirt finds me out
Teases the crack in me
Smittens me with hope

She plays with his damp hair, and she kisses his chin.

She felt the sweat on his skin merging with hers.

She felt his full weight with him being on top, but she did not mind at all.

Why is he so beautiful?

She cupped his face and pulled him close to hers and kissed him full on the lips.

Something inside her stirred.

A part of him was still embedded within her.

“You still want me, huh?’ He grinned.

“Always.” She replied.

“How do you want it this time?”

“Don’t ask.” She tells him. “I just want to feel your hard inside me again. I want your hands all over my body.”

He shoved a pillow between them and rolled her on top of it.

She was now face down on the bed.

He used his knees to spread her legs.

He put a finger inside her and held her shoulders down as he slid his cock into her wet pussy and fucks her fast and hard.

They both make noise as they cum.

Possibly maybe
Possibly maybe
Possibly maybe

She looked at him as he slept—calmly like a baby.

His hair. Just how erotic a misplaced strand of hair can be?

His lips. They can do wonders.

His kisses. Sometimes a kiss is just kiss. Other times a kiss is a wet, sensual, heart-throbbing, soul-touching, mind-altering exploration of the senses—his kisses are just like that.
His looks — he had one of those looks that could capsize any heart. It always leaves her swimming in an ocean of lust and of love.

Wait, love? Where did that come from?

Is she really in love?



As much as I definitely enjoy solitude
I wouldn't mind perhaps
Spending little time with you

He is doing the circle thing with his tongue again.

And he knows it is going to drive her crazy.

He does the circle thing with his tongue and then he stops and just holds it there.

If she tries to move a muscle, he holds her back.
He does it again and stops.

Presses into her tight.

“Oh fuck,” She says.

He won’t let her move.

Circles with his tongue.

Does it again and again.



Does it again.

It is driving her nuts.

If she were standing up right now, she would have collapsed on the floor in ecstasy.

Fast little circles.


She can’t take it anymore.

She is going to burst any second now.

“Cum,” he tells her and puts his head back down.

She gave in.

Possibly maybe
Probably love
Possibly maybe
Probably love

With one eyebrow raised and a crooked smile, she looked at him.

She was daring him.

She isn’t really beautiful, but she is no plain Jane either.

And him? In her eyes, he is gorgeous.

He is just right for her.

She bit her lip.

She stared right in his eyes without looking away, without blinking.

“Stop that.” He said.

“Stop what? I’m not doing anything.” But she smiled knowingly and then looked away.

Uncertainty excites me
Baby, who knows what's going to happen?
Lottery or car crash
Or you'll join a cult

Nothing beats a slow dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner together.

She led him in the corner. He can’t get away now.

His back was against the cupboards, and there’s not a lot of room to sit.

She puts her hand on his chest and kiss him hard on the mouth.

She took a slice of an orange and put it in his mouth.

She placed her mouth on his.

They eat the orange together pushing the piece back and forth with their tongues.

She ran her fingers down his body and then grabbed him through his sweatpants.

He is hard.
She liked how he felt through the cloth.

She squeezed harder and kissed him harder on the lips.

He moaned.

“I want you!”
He pulled her shirt off over her head.

She ran her hands down his sides and pulled on the sweatpants.

She cupped his balls and kissed his neck.

He took off her jeans and got her up on the kitchen table.

“Now, I’ll fuck you.” He tells her.

Probably maybe
Possibly love
He says probably maybe
Possibly love

The stars never looked so beautiful to her.

Until tonight, that is.

Stargazing was never her thing.

But tonight, yes tonight was different.

Tonight, she is seeing things in a different set of eyes.

Or it could all be because of the man beside her.

And as she turned sideways and watched him talk about the stars, she just stared.

“Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, am I?” –she smiled as she remembered that line from a song.

He turned to her then and grinned that grin of his that made her heart go flippity-flop.

He reached for her hand and squeezed it and just held it right next to his as his gaze returned to the stars again.

She sighed a deep sigh and did the same.


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