Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Girl Sleeps With Butterflies

Author's Note:  I like Tori Amos and I love this song of hers. I decided to write sort of a story with it. Bear in mind though that this is just a product of my highly imaginative state.


Take you away again

Are you flying

Above where we live"

"Part your legs for me," I heard him whisper in my ear.  We were both sitting on the bed with nothing covering our naked bodies. Him leaning on the headboard. Me leaning against him.


I felt my cheeks flush. I doubt he saw it with only candles lighting the room. I insisted on the candles, telling him it spelled romance but the reality is I really don't want him to see my body.

"Do it," he whispered again. This time giving my left ear a teasing bite.

I slowly parted my legs, not really knowing what his plan is but giving in nevertheless.

"Are you still wet?" He asked in a low voice.

"I think so," was just my reply.

"Touch yourself. Tell me if you're wet," came the order. I turned my head sideways to catch a glimpse of his expression. As always, it was hard to read the man.

"Why don't you touch me and find out yourself?" I bravely said giving him a challenging look.

"No, you do it." Came the nonchalant reply.

I noted the seriousness in his voice. His masked expression. I wish I knew what he was really thinking.

"Then I look up a glare in my eyes

Are you having regrets about last night

The memory of the previous night’s lovemaking is still fresh in my mind.

He pinned me against the wall just as we entered the room. Before I knew what he was intending to do, he dropped to his knees.

“What are you doing?” the question more breath that solid words.

“Shhh.” He commanded as he lifted the hem of my dress, pushed it up past my thighs, to my waist. “I could smell your juices flowing.” And he gave me that killer grin of his.

I looked down on him with anticipation. This man is going to be the death of me! A warm tongue lapped up against my thigh. I feel my legs shake. The thought about that tongue finally lapping up my pussy juices makes me close to the edge. I feel his hot breath blow on my lace-covered mound. “Please,” I found myself begging not recognizing the voice. Was that me?  His fingers slid into me, penetrating me. I feel my tremors come. I moved my hips up and down his finger. Taking one inch, and then another. “More,” I demanded with desire. In less than a heartbeat, he managed to pull down my lace panties and began to suck my clit in earnest. “Oh God!” I feel my knees start to buckle. It was a good thing I had the wall for support. His warm lips and tongue sucked and licked and rammed one long finger all the way in, sliding and pumping it in time for my ongoing explosions. I realized I was grinding my pussy lips into his mouth as I came.

I'm not but I like rivers that rush in

So then I dove in.

“Do it.” Hearing his voice broke my reverie.

My fingers slipped and slid between my folds. “Wet...” I told him. He smiled. “Touch yourself.” I was already wet and so ready for him. I fought the urge to straddle him but I knew how easily his cock would slide into me. Gently, I touched myself between my legs, pushing one finger inside. I let out a small moan.

I feel both his hands touch my breasts.. Massaging.. Teasing the hard nipples. With that, I closed my eyes and spread my legs farther. I slipped two fingers between my slick folds. I was incredibly aroused and wet -- so wet.  I rubbed myself while he pinched and tugged at my nipples. I bit my lip nearly on the edge of coming. He bit and nibbled on my ear. His fingers still doing its teasing with my breasts. So close to the edge. “I want you,” I whispered. “Prove it.” He challenged. “Come for me.” With that, I feel myself convulse.

Is there trouble ahead

For you the acrobat

I won't push you unless you have a net"

“Was that as mind blowing for you as it was for me just watching you do it?” He asked trailing kisses on my left shoulder.

“Indeed, it was.” I let out a contented sigh and relaxed on him.  “Are you tired?” He asked. “Want another round?” I asked back. “What do you think?” He tossed a question right back at me. And I vowed it was my turn this time.

“My turn.” I said as I shifted positions and faced him. His legs parted. He was looking at me with a questioning look. Actually, it looked like he was challenging me as well. Challenging me to break him. And I definitely intend to.  He was so hard. The veins on his cock were visibly pulsing. A thick, clear precum rested on its tip. “For me?” I asked as I leaned forward and swiped my tongue across its head not taking my eyes off him.

I heard him groan. He threaded his hands on my hair, pushing the tip against my puckered lips. I gave him a naughty grin as I turned my head sideways and licked and sucked at his length, purposely staying away from his cock head. I head a low moan and a sharp intake of breath. I my fingers start to toy with his balls. He bucked into my mouth finally managing to to slip his cock head between my lips.

I sucked at the tip, so big, round and deliciously swollen, letting my tongue tease the tiny hole. I surprised him when I took all his length deep in my throat as I could, wanting to suck all the life out of him.  “Oh god!” He roared as his cock pulsed once then twice then three times inside my mouth and his hot cum shooting down my throat. I wanted to such down every last drop of his sweet release. I instinctively tightened my lips around his shaft and squeezed his balls as he came.

His legs grew limp and I smiled. His cock still in my mouth, still rock hard. “You are incredible!”

"You say the word

You know I will find you

“Lie down.” He said. I lay back on the bed. He bent and brushed his lips to my mouth and kissed me gently as he eased his body on top of mine. I shifted my body as best as I could in an attempt to part my legs. He lifted his lower body slightly and I opened my legs and reached for his cock. I rubbed his hard rod up and down the length of my pussy. We both shivered in delight.

“Put it inside me.” I told him. With that, he slowly eased into me. He pushed slowly and steadily until he was fully seated within. I shuddered and slipped my arms around his body and stroked my hands up and down his back. He withdrew slightly and then began to thrust into me. Oh lord, that felt good. I closed my eyes, clung to him, rotating my hips, lifting my body up to meet his downward thrusts. He sucked my tongue and I felt my pussy creaming around his hard shaft and the muscles in my stomach start clenching. I was getting ready to come!

He closed his lips over my right breast. He reached between our intertwined bodies and began rubbing a thumb against my clit. He pushed his cock into me, this time in a series of rough, short thrusts that finally culminated his cumming. I exploded! Coming a fast, furious rush. He gave one final hard thrust then collapsed on top of me shuddering and groaning with his face against my neck. I stroke his back, relishing the weight of his sweaty body on mine.

Or if you need some time

I don't mind

I don't hold on

To the tail of your kite"

He looks so calm and sated.  I noted as I watched him sleep.

I conceded it would be so easy to become addicted to having him as my lover, whether I was in love with him or not.

Would I have the willpower to stop seeing him?

Or would I succumb to this madness and keep stupidly hoping there is a future for us?

"I'm not like the girls that you've known

But I believe I'm worth coming home to

Kiss away night

This girl only sleeps with butterflies

So go on and fly then boy"

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