Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Prequel: This Girl Sleeps with Butterflies

Author's Note:  I wrote a story based on one of my favorite songs entitled “This Girl Sleeps with Butterflies.” I loved the characters so much that I decided to write a prequel on how it all started between them  - sort of.


I couldn’t get enough of him. I could feel the warmth of his skin beneath his clothes as my hands roamed down his back, then back up his muscular shoulders. But it’s never really enough. I wanted to know the feel of him beneath my fingertips. Skin on skin.

“So, yes or no?” he whispered.

“To what question?” I asked.

“Tonight. This. You and me.”

Ah so now I get it. He was asking me if we could forget about who we are outside of these walls.  He was asking me to make a choice between risking everything I am for this one night... or running scared from it.

“Yes? Or no?” He repeated.

I tried saying yes, but all I could get out was, “You already know the answer to that.”

He shook his head. “I want to hear you say it. I need to hear you say it.”

I licked my lips, opened my mouth and whispered, “Yes.”

That one small word was all that took for him to take me over.  To take my left breast into his mouth and suck on it. The touch of his lips, his tongue sent jolts of pure desire through me that I feel I am going to break apart. I felt his hand slid inside my skirt and stroke me between my thighs.  I gasped. My legs instinctively parting to give him better access. His fingers slipped beneath my lace panties and homed on to my tingling clit. I cried out, my back arching as my body raced towards a climax.

His hand suddenly stilled, his head lifted from his onslaught of my left breast. Our eyes met. “Don’t stop,” I pleaded breathing raggedly.  He laughed and led me to the bed. “Your wish is my command Doll.”

I sit on the bed. He stared down at me for several seconds and then said, “Lie down.” I complied.  He then bent to slide his hands up my legs under my skirt and pulled down my black lace panties. I just watched him as he tossed my panties aside and began to take his clothes off starting with his shirt. I just laid there, watching him, my heart beating faster with anticipation, my face flushed with excitement.

“Part your legs.” I now heard him say. I opened my legs. I feel so incredibly turned on. I wanted his hands there. His lips. His tongue.

“Please?” I choked out.

“I won’t be long.” He promised. And I watched him unzip his fly and dragged his pants off revealing fit black briefs, and he took that off too.  I swallowed. He is big.

He finally stepped up  to the bed between my spread out knees.

I felt his hands scoop under my bare buttocks and pull me abruptly towards him and he angled himself into me and drove to the hilt.

I moaned. My head trashing from side to side. And before I knew it, he flipped me over, pushing my skirt out of the way and hoisted me up to my knees. And he was inside me again in no time.

It felt fantastic. I hear myself moan quite loudly. Dirty words coming out of my mouth. My hands clutching on the sheets on either side of my head. Raw animal sounds can be heard around the room. Mine. His. Until our bodies exploded together.

“More.” I muttered breathlessly.  “More.”

I hear him laugh. He was as breathless as I was. “Babe, give me a moment to recover.”  He pulled himself out of me and collapsed beside me. Spent. My knees gave in and I let my body relax.

“Now this could make things complicated.” That was the thought that was running through my mind.

I realized I must have said it out aloud because I heard him chuckle and say, “Sex doesn’t have to be complicated.”  He pulled me close in a sort-of embrace. “I didn’t mean to say that aloud --” And I thought of an excuse just to retract what I blurted out. “Even if you hadn’t said it out aloud, I had the feeling you were thinking it but -- I’d rather not talk about that and do this.”

He surprised me  by cupping my breasts in his hands, pushing them together, and he tongued my nipples. I gasped at the sensation of it. Then he began kissing his way down all the way past my belly button. I was holding my breath at this time, waiting for that blissful moment of actually feeling that tongue in my wet cunt. As if he could hear my silent plea or read my mind, he slid his tongue from one edge of my pussy lips.

When he entered my wet passage with his tongue pushing deep, it almost drove me to the edge. I had to grab on to the bed covers and readied myself for another release. Everything was spinning around and I felt like I have died and gone to heaven.

“La petite mort” or the little death - that’s another name for an orgasm.

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