Sunday, July 22, 2012

HALF-LIFE (Back To Black Reverse) – Part Four

“Let go, Joe.”

“Rem, we need to talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about.  You chose your own way.  I chose mine.  That’s the end of it.”

“Rem, I needed to explain…”

“Oh there you are, Joe!  I’ve been looking all over for you.”  I turned and saw Meg walking towards us.

My hold on Rem slackened a bit.  I saw Rem’s face as she looked at Meg and me and her gaze darkened.  Perfect timing Meg!  Real perfect timing.

And before I could do anything, Rem left her cart and ran.  I went after her.  “Rem, wait!!”

And just like in the movies, when the guy goes after a girl he loves, the girl gets lost in the crowd.

“What was that about?”  I heard Meg ask.  She went after me and pushing my cart.

“Just someone I know.”  I answered.

“Was that…..”

“Yes.”  I didn’t let her finish.

I felt Meg touch my shoulder.  “I am sorry, Joe.  I shouldn’t have interrupted.”

“Not your fault Meg.  I think she would still run away.”

Meg squeezed my shoulder as if silently telling me things will be okay.

“Let’s go.  Your husband’s waiting.”  I took the cart away from her and headed for the counter.

Yes, Meg and Bry are now happily married.  It turned out my best friend had a thing for my ex-girlfriend, and they are great together.


I keep trying to understand
this thing and that thing, my fellow man
I guess I'll let you know
when I figure it out

 “So let me get this straight Buddy…”  Bry said.  We were both standing sa terrace with beers in our hands.  “Out of all the crazy places to see her, nakita mo si Rem sa supermarket?”

“Yes.  Nagulat nga ako.  I wasn’t expecting it.”  I have just relayed what happened kay Bry.  “She looked different.”  I added remembering what Rem looked like.

“Different how?”  Bry had a puzzled look on his face.

“I don’t know.  But she just looked different to me.”  Or maybe she was glowing?

“Why didn’t you talk to her?”  Bry asked.

“Kasi nga dumating nga ako.  Nasira yung moment nila.”  I heard Meg say.  She joined us sa terrace with a glass of orange juice in her hand.  She stood right beside Bry, and Bry gave her a quick kiss sa forehead.

“Kasi naman, Honey.  Wrong timing ka kasi.”  Pabirong sabi ni Bry kay Meg.

“Eh malay ko ba namang si Rem pala ang kausap nya!  We were in the supermarket for crying out loud!”

“It wasn’t Meg’s fault.”  I had to reiterate.  I know Meg.  She’s probably kicking herself right now thinking that she ruined it.

“I really think you should’ve gone after her, Joe.”  Meg looked at me with her head resting against Bry’s shoulder.

“I wanted to.  Believe me I did.”  I drank the beer before adding, “I don’t know why I didn’t do it.”

“So what are you going to do now?  Don’t tell me you’re going to stalk that supermarket?  Or scout the areas near it?”  It was Bry who asked.

“I don’t know yet.  I haven’t decided what to do.”  And that is true.  I don’t know what to do.

“Look on the bright side, Joe.  At least we know she’s here and wala sa ibang bansa or sa ikapitong bundok or something.  Hey, what if you put out an ad?  In the paper.  Or sa radio.  Or sa TV.  That you’ve been looking for her.”  Meg piped in.  Her face was all lit up.  I know that look she’s wearing on her face.  It’s the same look that she has every single time the wheels in her mid turn and she gets a lot of great ideas.

“Honey, don’t you think that’s over the top?”  Bry asked her.

Bry is right though.  Ads.  I think they’re way too much.

“Honey, it’s not.  I actually find it a bit romantic.  But I don’t think Joe would do that sort of thing anyway.  He doesn’t do romance.”

“Hahaha…  You said it!  My best friend here isn’t the most romantic man on earth.”  And Bry gave Meg a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.  “But me on the other hand…”

“I know Honey…  I know.”

Napailing na lang ako sa dalawa.  It has been a normal thing for them both—the PDAs.  I knew how much Bry loved Meg and vice versa.  Some things are just obvious even to the densest male of all—namely me.

And it’s funny now that I think about it.  When Meg and I were in a relationship, we were NEVER that touchy.  She is right.  I don’t have a romantic bone in my body.

Rem—she brought the romance into my life.

“Teka nga boys.  I need to check on our lunch.”  Meg said and she left us.

Minutes after Meg left I told Bry.  “You look happy Bry.  You and Meg—you’re perfect for each other.”

“I am happy, Buddy.”  Bry said.  “Very happy.  I hope you find her again, Joe.  And find the happiness that you deserve.”

“I hope so too.”

“Teka, Pare...  I’ll get us more beers.”

And I found myself standing out in the terrace alone.

The terrace—I remembered something about a “terrace encounter” that Rem and I had when we were still together.

But I don't mind a few mysteries
They can stay that way it’s fine by me
and you are another mystery I am missing

We were outside of the terrace of my condo unit in Mezza Residences.  It was after midnight.

Rem sat at the end of the table.  She pulled me over to her and undid my trousers.  She wrapped her legs around me.

“Do you really want to do it out here like that?”  I had to ask her.

She nodded.

I can’t believe this!  Rem agreeing to have sex out in the open!

“Aren’t you worried someone’s going to see us?”  I had to ask her again to be sure.

“Let them.  Mamatay sila sa inggit.”  Rem smiled at me with a wink.

I think I’ve gone and created a sex monster!

But the thought of fucking Rem out in the open got me excited.  It made me remember the first time I fucked her in an elevator.

The elevator—I had to smile—I hope one day in the future we get to do that again.

“Are you going to or shall I put my clothes on?”   I heard Rem say that woke me from my reverie.

“Impatient bitch!”  I smiled and kissed her hungrily.  I spread her legs and stood between them while we kissed.

We kissed passionately.  Fervently.  Lustfully.

We were both panting when our lips parted.

“Fuck me!  Your cock.  Now!”  She commanded.

My cock hovered just inches away from the opening as I bent down and captured a hard nipple in my mouth and bit and suck on it.

By now, my cock is hard and aching to feel the insides of her pussy around it.  I pressed the tip of my hard cock against her damp pussy and felt her pussy lips parted slightly in anticipation.

Her legs wrapped around me with her feet pressing against my back and urging me on.

I wanted to hold back as long as I possibly can.

“Please… Joe!  Please!”  Rem begged.  I loved it when she begged.

And I slid into her slowly, eased myself in until I was deep inside her.

We both moaned with the pleasure of it all.

We moved as one—Rem and I.

Slowly at first.  And then suddenly I was going at her at full steam.  I was pounding her pussy like there is no tomorrow.

We ground our hips together.

Will it always be like this?  This intense kind of fucking?

We’ve been at it for months and the feeling each time we fuck has never wavered.  It is even getting more intense.

My hands were on her breasts.  Playing with her nipples.

She tried to pipe down her moans as she approached orgasm.  As the upcoming climax wracked her body, her pussy clamped my cock hard.

The sensations were exquisite.  I loved the way she did that and it never ceases to amaze me just how tightly she can grip my cock that way.

She was gasping and moaning as I squeezed her tits and fucked her pussy.

The slap of flesh against flesh was loud in the open air of the terrace.

We no longer cared if anyone sees or hears us.

I felt my balls grow tighter and tighter preparing for the inevitable explosion that was growing.

Her orgasm came finally.

Her body bucked and writhed under me.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  And I came with her.  My cock clenched and jerked as I emptied everything inside her.


How do you take your mind off of someone when everything around you just reminds you of her?

Rem…  I wonder where she is right now.


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